Do you think that the current protests in the US need to be violent?

  • The racists are all hiding amongst the protesters anyway

    I think we can probably benefit from the violent ones making themselves known and being eliminated (it goes without saying that the normal part of the US would not stand for it and the extremists would be put down). I think it also benefits us to have people who stand by these types see who they are siding with in their beliefs so they can understand better how they aren't very different from them. It may act as an eye opener to a few to see realize that the people protesting next to them are actually the racist extremists they think they are fighting.

    In short, We could all benefit from the BLM message being smeared since it is a racist message they are spreading in the first place. If it takes their followers being outed as the radicals they are, Then yes a couple car fires are worth it. Give us cause to react.

  • People are at their limits.

    For decades police have gotten off with no accountability for any deaths at their hands, With most not getting charged, And those who are frequently being found "not guilty" or "guilty of a lesser crime". Multiple times a year, Large masses protest the death of the most recent victim of police brutality, In a mostly peaceful fashion, Yet nothing has fundamentally changed. It is understandable that people are on their tipping edge, And that the death of George Floyd has pushed them over their limits. Violence seems like the only answer for these people, As it will force government officials to take a clear stance, Instead of avoiding the question and the issues, Like they usually do.

  • What is needed has happened.

    The point of these protests was to get justice for George Floyd. He has now been charged with murder and the other 3 involved have also been fired, And are under investigation. Destroying innocent people's property will not help the cause, And will only turn other people against you. The entire country wanted to see Chauvin get served, Regardless of the political background. There is solid evidence this time around that he was guilty, And he was rightfully punished. The people against the protests are not against the movement, They just don't want to see what humanity has worked so hard to build just burn down. Plus, A lot of people didn't even know why they were rioting at first. If you look at videos, They were just doint it because everyone else was. Quite sad we had to come to this.

  • Protesters Are Losing Support of Many

    The death of Mr. Floyd was caused by one bad cop. Hundreds of thousands of police interactions go by without any issue. This was a simple arrest for forgery, But obviously Mr. Floyd resisted arrest. This does not make what happened right. It did however contribute to the outcome. Don, T resist during an arrest, And don't run from the police. Obey the law. Stop destroying our country. Love it or get out.

  • No Violent acts won't help anything (if anything make it worse)

    Being violent is not the answer. It is an AWFUL tragedy of what happened to Mr. Floyd but, That man who killed him is no longer an officer and heck will hopefully go to jail where he belongs. Send his to jail! Justice for Floyd. Not to mention violence lead to looting and fighting. We didn't solve anything just fought and made it worse. Would Floyd want to see that? Justice for Floyd

  • No and police brutality isn’t a thing

    George Floyd’s death actually wasn’t caused by the knee on the neck, They already tested it and the test came back negative so they don’t know what killed him. As far as the “I can’t breathe” thing. If you ever watch police body cams or the show “cops” people say things like “I’m hurt” or “I can’t breathe” all the time. Also look at the leaked police body cam footage.

  • To anyone supporting the violence

    If you're supporting the violence then you obviously have no soul and you are just filled with a ton of anger and one day that anger will catch up to you and bite you in the a$$. Yes police brutality is a huge problem not a problem there nor do I have a problem with bringing the other cops to justice. But what in the f*ck are you trying to prove with destroying people's property and stealing from people who had literally 0 TO DO WITH THE CRIME? Seriously what the actual f*ck? And now you hold signs up saying "Kill all police"? What are you thinking? You honestly think killing every person who's a cop is gonna solve racism? You honestly think destroying people's property is gonna solve racism? You honestly think screaming at how "white people are always racist" solves the problem? When blacks are also VERY fairly racist as well? It doesn't!

  • It's one thing to go against police brutality (which I'm all for ending) but when you get violent, Steal and spread hate then. . .

    Okay I think my headline pretty much addresses the entire point here. Because how is stealing from innocent business owners and saying "kill all cops" and "Abolish the police" making a difference for the better? Yes there are bad cops and they need to be fired but we shouldn't judge every cop as a bad person and judge them based on their occupation and we definitely shouldn't be turning to facism and murder every cop out there for being a cop nor should we even spread that word. Then going as far as saying that white people are racist and demonizing both white people and cops. . . . That doesn't get anywhere. Stealing from stores and smashing things and setting cars on fire and demonizing all cops does not get us anywhere it just makes the problem worse.

    The protestors have done nothing to solve the problem all they did was make the problem 10x worse. Especially when cops have tried to make an effort to meet the protestors on middle ground. The violence and looting no, Just no.

  • Violence does not stop Violence, It incites more.

    The current protests will gain more traction and support if the protests are peaceful, Also protesting over the violence of the Police by being violent is ridiculously stupid. By being violent you teach the children watching that it is okay to solve your quarrels with violence, To take advantage of a situation to burn down buildings that are no way related or to act out aggressively towards anyone with a different view and/or opinion from yourself.

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