Do you think that the death penalty should be given to children?

Asked by: ruke50
  • If a 15 year old (classified as a minor/child) murders their mother, father, and siblings, then the death penalty should be an option.

    I'll start by saying that my reasons are not the same as the other two idiots who said yes. They are nothing more than trolls.

    Next, let's examine the facts: There are multiple instances where children have been guilty of heinous crimes that both sicken us, and horrify us. By no means are all children like this, and by no means do all children ever even consider it. Yet, gruesome acts of rape, murder, torture, and more have been committed by our youth, yet we want to hide our heads in the sand when these crimes are committed.

    If we stop ignoring it, we decide that we want to excuse these children for the behavior. They are ignorant, confused, or emotionally scarred, thus they decided to act the way that they did. The last thing that people want to do is admit that even children are capable of the atrocities that men and women of the worst kind are capable of.

    I hear all of the time; "our children are our future." That is true, but if our future is rape, murder, torture, and destruction, and we wish to promote that future, then our future must be bright (burning sarcasm). Westerners allow their mightier and more-moral-than-thou view get in the way of their judgement. Self-sustainability should be the issue that we seek to promote, not excusing the behaviors by calling a child-killer an "excitable boy."

  • Yes if tried as an adult

    Often times children are not tried as adults. However if the crime is bad enough and the child is old enough sometimes they make exceptions. If they do try the child as an adult I think they should face the same penalties that an adult would if charged with the same crime.

  • Being an A-hole has no age requirement.

    If one murdered, say, 50 people, raped another 50 and blew up a school and committed some other violent crimes that normal men women and children abhor before their 13th birthday, shouldn't the death penalty be an option? I fully aware that the above mentioned scenario is almost completely impossible, however, I only wished to use it to make a point, nothing more. If being a killer, a criminal vagabond and so forth has no age requirement, why should the punishment have one?

  • I don't agree with the death penalty in the first place!

    I know many say that the death penalty would cut costs in prison. After all, those that are sentenced to life in prison have to be fed, right? Believe it or not, the cost of the death penalty is higher than that of life without parole. A California assessment of costs by Judge Arthur Alarcon and Prof. Paula Mitchell has concluded that the cost of the death penalty, since 1978, has totaled over $4 billion. If every death penalty was instead life without parole, there would be a savings $170 million per year. This is just one example. Remember when we were taught that an eye for an eye is wrong? That applies here. Not only would life without parole be less costly, but more acceptable. And we're talking about children?!?! Children, who's brains are not yet fully developed and mature to know right from wrong? The human brain is not fully developed until one's mid-twenties. How can a child be given a sentence parallel to that of an adult's?

  • Children are children

    If you believe that children must take a burden of death for a crime then you must be missing a crucial point: they're kids. Their minds are still impressionable and intervention can be taken into account to make a positive change. Whatever the reason the child is at fault for, death is a definite inhumane way to punish a kid.


    The life of a child should never be endend by the hand of any individual or society. Never. Children are, quite literally, the lifeblood of our future. Any misstep in their actions are a direct result of their upbringing, or in rare cases, a mental health issue. If a child commits a heinous crime due to a mental health imbalance, then they would obviously not be directly liable for their actions. If the actions may be attributed to environmental factors, then our society has failed that child. If the parents were culpable, the state should have intervened in order to ensure the welfare of that child. The fault falls to the parents and again to the state if the child committed the act due to ignorance, or misinformation. Society establish and maintain a safe and unrestrained environment for our children to thrive. We are all responsible for our children, not just the select few in our family or in our neighborhood, but all the children in the society. Any crimes committed by them are failures in our society to provide them with the environment in which to flourish. Rather than put them to death, we should study them somehow to determine the (environmental) cause and take steps to avoid creating an environment where the action could possibly happen again. The course of a child can still be corrected, despite any mistakes they have made. It is our responsibility as a whole to do so, and not write them off and lose their potentially valuable contributions to the world.

  • No death penalty

    That is just wrong for kids to have to die because of something stupid, if it is stupid. Still, kids should be sent to a juvy if they do something wrong. And if it is that severe they should install a solitary confinement room for these trouble making kids. Agree?

  • No death penalty for children

    The death penalty should not be given to children because children do not know the law. Also, parents are the people that influence the children to do crimes deserving of the death penalty. I believe the parents should be given a lifetime jail sentence if children commit crimes worthy of death penalty.

  • They have their whole life ahead of them to change and benefit society

    Children are not born with hate and such already burning inside them. These these are taught or gained through experience and human psychology. If someone has not even lived long enough for their pre-frontal cortex to have matured, how can you say they have matured enough so that they will always be a danger to society and thus need to be eliminated? I believe our focus needs to be on figuring out WHY minors are killing, raping, etc and FIX the problem. Again, they are not yet matured and there is still hope to help them , psychologically speaking. They still have plenty of time to serve SOME time and get help and then, instead of just being a ward of the state or dying, actually go out in the world and be a benefit to society and turn their life around for the better. There is simply too much raw potential to just say "yes, this person is a danger to society and definitely needs to be eliminated" whilst they haven't even grown up yet! That's not to mention, what if a fact is overlooked, or a child is framed? It can and has happened, and it can and WILL happen, unless we illegalize it. Surely it's not worth risking the murder of an innocent child when there are other ways to handle these situations (therapy, isolation, time, etc)

  • If a Kid is going on a rampage he should get imprisonment for possible reform and to be studied.

    Think about it this way. When a regular man goes on a killing spree, get's arrested, are we at all curious about what drove him to do it? Probably not because you already think you know. But when a child commits that same act what can you say? If there is a child worthy of the death penalty there should be studies done to prevent another occurrence from happening again. Get some background on the kid, take a look at their family (if he/she didn't kill them). This will also test the usefulness of prison systems. In a prison not only are the inmates supposed to be isolated from the people but also to be reformed and start over with their live hopefully making amends. But as most of us know, that is NOT the case. The prison system seems to be more like a school for criminals by criminals rather than a place of reinvention. Help the child become a member of society and realize the wrong he's done and it can be done for so many others.

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