Do you think that the developer removed the Flappy Bird game from app stores to garner more publicity for the game?

  • Cross Between Super Mario Bros and Angry Birds

    Flappy Bird was supposedly a hard app game. Based upon the look of the game, it appears to be a cross between Super Mario Bros. and Angry Birds. Perhaps the game was too much like other games, which is why this might be a publicity stunt. However, if the game wasn't popular, how did it make so much news by getting itself removed from various app sites?

  • It is a good publicity stunt

    Yes, I believe that the Flappy Bird game developer removed the game from app stores to gain even more attention to his already popular game. The prime reasoning behind developing a game is to make money. This game hit the ground running and hadn't stopped until the developer stopped it. Games like this one come out make lots of money and then fizzle away, if the developer takes the game away at its prime, it can make a very profitable come back.

  • The users drove him to it.

    As someone who has developed apps, I don't think he removed the game because he wanted to get publicity for it. Until you've made a popular app, you have no idea the sort of negative attention that users will focus on you. The general public is kinda crazy and really scary, and you open yourself up to them when you make the big time. I don't blame him for pulling up stakes and going home.

  • Developer of Flappy Bird Panicked

    In all likelihood, the developer of the game Flappy Bird panicked about the title's sudden rise to fame. He might have not been able to handle all of the money the game was earning. It's not right to assume that he pulled the game to garner more publicity for it.

  • No, as it currently stands, I think he wanted less contact.

    It's difficult to know for sure whether the developer did this for publicity. However, based on a news report I saw about it and an article I read that showed his tweets, he said he couldn't take it anymore, referring to the amount of hate e-mails he was receiving. That being said, he also said that he still makes games, so it's possible he's just gearing up for a new one. But, for the time being, I really think this one is gone. It would be an odd way to garner publicity.

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