Do you think that the drinking age should be lowered?

  • 21 is arbitrary

    18 and 21 are both arbitrary ages, to be sure, but there is a clear leaning towards 18. At 21 you can drink and gamble(the latter, 18 in some states). At 18 you can vote in all elections, sign contracts, are considered an adult, join the army, and a plethora of other things. Why not drinking?

  • Has increasing the age changed the number of 18 year old drinking?

    If an 18 year old is of legal majority, is required to register for the draft and can vote on political subjects, why are they not allowed to drink?
    I'll agree that a large number of 18 year old are not mature. I'll also state that a large number of 28 year old make very immature decisions.
    I believe that if parents spend the time with their children, teaching them to drink responsibly, we would be better off than allowing them to learn what passing out feels like in some parking lot or them trying to sneak the car back home drunk.

  • Yes, if by that is meant 18.

    Where there are places that do not allow drinking until age 21, then that should be lowered to age 18.
    After all, an 18 year old can join a branch of the armed forces. Eighteen year olds are in college and they find a way to get alcohol illegally so making it legal would make it less taboo.

  • It Should Be 18+

    I believe it would make far more sense to lower the drinking age to 18. In the United States, at the age of 18 you can vote, join the service, and buy cigarettes. I do not see any major reason why a person should not be allowed to buy alcohol between the ages of 18 and 21.

  • Drinking Age Should Be Raised

    In reality, we should not lower the drinking age because alcohol is harmful for many people. We should even consider raising the age and imposing harsher penalties upon underage drinking. The fact of the matter is that many underage people abuse alcohol and never fully realize what they are doing to themselves.

  • The drinking age should not be lowered.

    The drinking age should not be lowered.It has been shown that a person's brain doesn't develop until well into their 20s so they are still somewhat immature until that time.They are apt to make poor decisions so giving them the privilege of drinking is really not a good idea at all.

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