• It is not the will of the people

    If this election has taught us anything, it is that an election can be won without a majority of votes. Of course, this has happened before, but not to this extent and not with so much on the line. Clinton is now leading the popular vote by roughly 1.3 million, yet has lost the electoral vote. A true democracy should award the presidency to the person with the greatest number of votes, period.

  • Overrepresentation of Less People

    The electoral college is not fair because it overrepresents parts of the country. If there are more people in certain areas, the popular vote is what matters because the most people who vote should be the ones that get who they voted for but the electoral college prevents that from happening.

  • It is not fair.

    This is very true. The electoral college is not fair at all. We all should not believe in the electoral college at all. This is because the outcome is not always correct. This actually happened in the recent elections and we all saw the outcome. Therefore, i am against it.

  • Prevention of Tyranny

    If we chose our President through popular vote, or majority rule, the candidates would focus all of their attention on the states and cities that are most populated. This would present a problem because the needs of those in the most populated areas may be vastly different from those in say a small town or a small state. It gives a chance for all states and all needs to be heard. It decentralizes control over the election in order to prevent the bare majority to tyrannize the country. Our founding Fathers had no intention of majority rule democracy because pure democracies do not work- they implode. Each state has two senators, but the number of representatives in each is based purely on population. The number of senators and representatives combined equals how many electoral votes that state counts for. When you vote for the president you are actually voting for the electors in your state. This makes every state, therefore every voter important. It gives each state, even the small states, a voice. That’s why it is so important for eligible voters to vote. Over 90 million voters did not vote in this election, can you imagine how differently it may have turned out had everyone eligible voted?

  • No, the electoral college is not unfair

    No, the electoral college is not unfair. It was set up to mirror the congressional seats apportioned to each state. It allows for representation of states based on population as well as by state. It also allows for an emergency vote to make up for the mistakes of the populous. It seems ideal for a situation as the one we are in right now.

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