Do you think that the ending of the movie "Surrogates" offered hope?

  • "Surrogates" Ending Offered Hope

    Fortunately, the ending of the film "Surrogates" offered hope for viewers. Even though people were engrossed with their surrogates, the ending proved that they might go back to interacting in a face-to-face manner. Such an ending was designed to offer hope. However, it didn't guarantee that humans would become more close.

  • The ending of the movie "Surrogates" offered hope.

    The ending of the movie "Surrogates" offered hope. The main reason that the main character felt so strongly about what happened to his wife is that her personality had been completely consumed by the identity she had invented and tagged onto her Surrogate - she had dealt with her own flaws by ignoring them and lying to herself that she felt fine because of her new body, when she actually still
    hated herself.

  • No, it is a pessimistic movie

    No, I do not think that the ending of the movie Surrogates offered hope, because it, like most movies, represented a dark view of the future. Bruce Willis' character is forced to hold the weight of the world on its soldiers. The problems depicted in Surrogates never really get resolved at the end.

  • Ending Offers Stark View of Robots

    The ending of "Surrogates" does foster the belief that humans are still better than their mechanical masters. However, if humans were to treat the androids in the movie as a race, the ending may as well be as if the Confederacy won the Civil War. Artificially intelligent beings that seem alive just might have souls. We don't know that. Humans don't even know if we have souls. The ending of "Surrogates" is just another form of mass murder.

  • "Surrogates" Offered A False Hope

    No, the ending of the movie "Surrogates" did not offer a true hope. Instead, it offered only a false hope. The movie is a very blatant metaphor for addiction of any sort. By conquering the addiction of the surrogates forcefully, the people who used surrogates shall only find addiction elsewhere.

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