Do you think that the government is slowly taking away our rights?

Asked by: MariahBreeAnn
  • One step at a time.

    I believe that the government is slowly taking away our rights. Human rights and constitutional rights. They are becoming more and more strict about guns (second amendment), they have put restrictions on the first amendment (freedom of speech. Etc..), and they are becoming more and more controlling. The government is suppose to be a system of organization for its people. They are not suppose to be at a higher level than us, they are just people. Leaders lead not control. When our government is able to make decisions without the consent of the people it should then be considered unjust.

  • Do bears doo doo in the woods?

    Can I buy a toilet that is not a flush twice, a new car without airbags, a new car that is not CAFE, a new furnace with a standing pilot, etc.? No, no and more no's. Can I buy the type of medical insurance policy I want? No. Can I hire whom I want and pay them or get paid what I want? No. Can I, through my school board, choose the curriculum to be used to teach my children, choose the holidays to celebrate? No. Can I elect local representatives by geographic area? No. Need I continue?

    Can the government take my possessions without due process just because they think I might be a drug dealer? Yes.

    Can I get on an airplane without being molested or having my luggage stolen? No.

    The safety and the if you are doing nothing wrong there is nothing to fear arguments are totally at odds with liberty. Law abiding citizens have a right to go about their business without being detained or searched unless there is probable cause that he is involved in a crime. Law abiding citizens have a right to be secure in their homes, their persons and papers without the government snooping unless the government has a warrant stating where to search and what to search for. We have a right to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. For the government to search people or places with no probable cause just to determine if the person is a criminal violates the right of presumption of innocence even if the person searched is not harmed. This is tantamount to the general warrants issued by the King during colonial times. These were the basis of the 4th amendment.

    The primary purpose of government is not to keep us safe, but is to ensure that the law abiding can enjoy his liberty. If the government cannot do this then it has no reason to exist.

    Can I buy the type of medical insurance policy I want?

  • Due Process is being replace by Plea Deals- as a matter of course.

    We are losing our rights- expeditiously. Anyone who says we're not, Has been living in their parents basement. Obviously you 'insulated' and haven't had to deal w/ life on life's terms. Good for you. But if you've been paying attention, You'll find that only 5-10% of the criminally 'accused' are afforded Due Process of Law. MEANING- only 5-10% ever get to go to trial. You maybe thinking- "HEY- what a great idea! " WRONG! It's designed to save $$ and time for the courts. They don't do it for you. They may do it when they have a serious case they can't prove. And that's usually the one you hear about- 'the bad guy who got off w/ a slap on the wrist'. But MOST cases are MISDEMEANORS. You know the ones- they seldom make the news. Unless someone gets killed, Like a DUI- but then it's NO LONGER A DUI. It's a DUI- Manslaughter. Different charge altogether. But most of you, Who think trading in freedom for safety is just fine- you better stop and think about that for a minute. Take all the time you need.
    In a moment you will see the flaw in your thinking. When you say- 'people can't drive impaired'- they'll kill someone! Then it's medications. Then it's 'tired driving'. Then it's cell phones. Then it's 'distracted driving'. You see the issue here? How does one crime become so much more 'villainous' than another (when no one has died)? Special Interest groups influencing your legislators. We have more people in jails and prisons than any country in the world. We arrest Misdemeanants at 9x's the rate of Felons. We're talking about how felons can't get jobs. Guess what? ! Neither can a lot of misdemeanants. And with increasing number of jobs that require a state board regulated occupational license, More and more Americans are finding it hard to get decent employment. But that's o. K. , They can just bring in more immigrants. Have you noticed any troubling stats lately. You SHOULD!

  • Due Process had been traded for Plea Deals- as a matter of course.

    Only 5-10% of criminal cases ever see their day in court (Due Process). EVERYONE has a right to 'Due Process- of law'. We have more laws and regulations than any country in the world (and more all the time). We also have permanent access to the ensuing fall-out from all those laws and regulations; through the internet. We incarcerate more people than any country in the world. And we're considered a 'FREE' nation. Free to bring in more immigrants to take the "American Dream" from Americans- who have become a casualty of their own system. BTW, For those who are too stupid (most of you) to do some research- this SHOULD be troubling. . . . BECAUSE, Most countries have half the laws and regulations we do- and have a 'falling-off' time for old misdemeanors. A little 'factoid' for you imbeciles- we do not!

  • Yes, it has become very obvious to me.

    When you understand the methods of indoctrination and "brainwashing" that governments all over the world have employed over the years, it becomes much easier to recognize the signs of our rights being slowly stripped away. Using firearms as an example, the government has been hard at work to cultivate a sentiment of fear among the population regarding terrorism, guns and bombs. This lays the foundation for the government to receive support from the "brainwashed" segment of the population for introducing tougher laws and further infringing on the rights of people. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Bruh you all retarded

    Government watches everyone why you think the nsa exist you could not do that shiet 200 years ago
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  • United States subcommittee

    Why hasn't the United States Congress Subcommittee made a full investigation into the Twin Tower disaster?
    I recently watched a documentary on Netflix regarding "I am Jane Doe" on Netflix. Congress subcommittee subpoenaed backpage dot com they did not show up for that hearing because they're protected under the First Amendment. But the United States Congress subcommittee went further than that they've got a house bill that is going to destroy our first amendment.
    I believe it's a pick and choose what amendments they want to dissolve to suit their own means.

  • This country is a dictatorship this country is not a free country

    This country is corrupt and I hate to say that this country sucks its worse than asia korea and other European Poverty countries I know this country is not poor but its poor in the government and those rights are a huge lie I now hate the US for being a Liar

  • Wealth gap is growing

    Just like some people already said, the wealth gap between the richest and poorest. Most people barely get by from paycheck to paycheck, even the average american. These new tax codes and rising prices are signs that the government wants to take money from the people thus depriving them of basic needs and wants.

  • Pretty quickly actually

    Two words - politically correct
    the concept takes away our most important right, and it needs to end. No longer are we allowed to say something against one's philosophies, we can only be positive these days. It also takes away the concept of losing. Nobody other countries are trying to take our rights away like the songs say, it's being done by our own masters, and the Americans citizens need to fight back one day.

  • It's A Balance Of Rights & Security ...

    The ONLY thing that remotely infringes upon my rights, as an American citizen, is done for Intelligence purposes, I. National Security. After 9/11, we discovered that those al-Quad terrorists had been living among us. Before Bush '43 left office, we also discovered that Russian spies had been caught living among us. Then, there are the Domestic terrorists. Sometimes, I think the latter is the more disturbing problem. They too are among us.

    If the NSA, FBI, or whoever has to look at my emails ... Track the sites I visit ... Examine my spending habits, etc. To AVOID another 9/11, I don't mind. I've got nothing to hide. I will gladly give up a portion of my privacy for BETTER security. Why? It's just not a lot to ask. If looking at Social media, I. Face book or Twitter, somehow uncovers a terrorist plot, then I fully support the government looking & digging. True Americans, with nothing to hide, shouldn't have an issue with this. If they do, in my humble opinion, they AREN'T as innocent as they want people to think that they are. Or ... They have paranoia issues that probably need therapy and/or medication? Maybe both?

  • Government exists to secure our rights

    "To secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men" That's what it says in the declaration of independence. When government passes laws to protect the cleanliness of air or water, Government is securing our rights, Not taking them away. Being searched at the airport secures our inaliable right to life. When government allows someone to die without medical care, How has government secured that person's right to life? Airbags in cars, Water conserving toilets, Furnaces without pilot lights, Paying at least the minimum wage, And many more laws which you consider violations of your rights are laws that actually secure your rights. Why does government exist? To secure your rights. That's what laws do. You do not actually have every right that you claim. When government rescinds anti-pollution laws and laws prohibiting our exposure to large amounts of nuclear radiation, Who's rights are being violated?

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  • Media is morphing the truth

    The media is morphing the truth. It's not like the government would just take away our rights for fun. They are trying to protect US citizens and I am ok with them doing whatever. If you actually look at the facts, 0 people have been arrested for what the NSA has "illegally" seen.

  • No, the government is not taking away individual rights.

    The government is not taking away rights, per se. A lot of the laws that are newer and seem to be taking away a person's rights are often in fact set in place to protect the rights of others. We are only allowed personal rights when we aren't somehow hurting other people with what we're doing. The government has had to adapt laws over the years as our culture becomes more complex.

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