Do you think that the heritability of IQ says anything about the supernatural nature of the human soul?

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  • I don't understand how they could be related

    IQ seems to be somewhat hereditary, but it's not always. You can find examples of "smart" parents with not so smart children, and some very intelligent children born to not so smart parents. There doesn't seem to be a direct correlation between IQ and soulfulness. I know some folks who are incredibly soulful and connected to what I'd describe as "inner grace" but they are not necessarily intellectual giants. The two can go together, but don't have to.

  • Smart people live and die too.

    No, I do not think that the heritability of IQ says anything about the supernatural state of the human soul, because the fact that a person inherits their intelligence genetically has nothing to do with whether people live and die and what happens to their soul after they do. Intelligence is something that occurs when a person is alive on the earth. It does not affect after.

  • No, Not Really

    I do not see a link between a populations IQ and the supernatural nature of the human soul. For one thing, we have no scientific proof that a soul is real or even exists. Beyond that, we have no idea how it operates or works, even if it is real. Secondly, I don't see how a man made IQ tests could say anything about the soul or otherwise be linked to the soul.

  • No, but it says something about genetics.

    Regardless of whether or not we believe in the human soul, and I do, the intelligence of a person or his or her IQ does seem to follow a pattern in families. That being said, it speaks more to the idea of physical heredity and genetic makeup than it does to the idea of soul, which is more about motivation and direction.

  • IQ is only Inheritance, it is Genetic, Not Supernatural:

    Having the potential to do clever things, or a High IQ is so often wasted anyway. Many High IQ individuals are actually extremely Dumb, because their inherited Genetic, IQ ability is countered by a lack of learning or an unwillingness to learn.
    For a High IQ to function well, the owner of the High IQ must have an Mind That Is Open and Rational, to utilize it well and Thus Be Smart.
    Many people with High IQs, are indoctrinated into belief-systems that discourage learning, like Religions that teach them that a single set of scriptures has all the answers concerning the meaning of life and death.
    These people cease to learn and become stagnant in their thinking, because their minds are closed off to information that may conflict with their world-view. Thus their IQ never sees the light of day and is wasted.
    Even Average IQ citizens if they keep an Open, Rational Mind will be Smarter than those with a High IQ who have been indoctrinated into not learning, i.e. Religion and similar belief systems like Astrology.
    Your future is planned for you by the stars or a God, so just worship or follow your star sign guidance is all you need to do.

    IQ deadening world views make High IQ people dumber than many Low IQ citizens that have an open rational mind.
    There is nothing Supernatural about that.

    Because belief in the Supernatural, Destroys That High IQ.

  • It is just science

    There is nothing supernatural about getting a high IQ from your parents. It is science that the genes your get from your parents will be passed along to you, and you will have behavior that is similar to theirs. Getting a high IQ from your parents is simply the mixture of your parents carried on through you.

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Sagey says2014-02-14T08:58:40.970
It is well known in Neurology and Psychology, that the stronger a person believes in the Supernatural, the more likely it is that they will not be utilizing their IQ potential, thus if anything, IQ is detrimental to the Supernatural, and Supernatural belief damages the individual's ability to use their IQ. As Belief In The Supernatural Increases, Their Smartness Decreases.
Because the more a person believes that their world is planned and controlled by Supernatural forces, the less inclined they are to Learn about Reality, and the less a person learns, the dumber they become.
This is why childhood indoctrination into Superstitious beliefs (Religions/Astrology) is so damaging to the child.
It produces children that are less inclined to learn real world views and thus produces dumber children.
This is one of the biggest problems in the USA.
The country has been dumbed down by Superstitious belief.
It's fine to be a Christian nation, but a nation full of citizens that think their future is planned by God and thus don't need to learn is now producing, one of the poorest educated nations in the globe as the USA is slipping behind the rest of the world in average education levels.
This can partly be blamed on instilling too much superstitious nonsense into young minds.
They are less likely to want to learn (the Bible/Koran/Astrological charts tell all).
So regardless of their IQ, they are destined to become DUMB!

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