• Yes yes yes

    Absolutely. I searched up “Stop hating people because their white”, And the fourth article that came up was from Huffington post from some racist bitch crudely saying that reverse racism isn’t real and how the act of even saying that is racist. The actual f**k? Huffington post would NEVER in a million years post something from a white person who doesn’t buy into this bullshit’s point of view. I’m tired of this shit.

  • Pure scum bags

    I thought CNN was the worst news, But Huffpost beats them all to hell. I despise even seeing one of there articles. It looks like they just make up stories just to have something to print. I think it should be some type of law that says any media outlet can not put out any statement that's not proven, This would stop all the fake news.

  • Ignorant and stupid

    Left wing bias bores me and I find it the ramblings of the ignorant and stupid I avoid any posts I see with their name on it. When I see the blatantly biased alt left and click bait headlines from the Huffington I roll my eyes and realise they are part of the narrative that I will not fall victim.

  • Propaganda, Not news

    They only cover what fits their agenda and they cover it using their narratives. The recent bombing which killed over 300 people got less coverage than Brittany Spears or any idiot celebrity crying about Trump. It is Rubbish as news, Simply left propaganda. As long as you know what it is, Fun to skim thru on occasion

  • There was 2 questions there

    Yes the Huffington Post has driven way too far to the left. Along with cnn and a number of other news outlets.
    It's as bad as the garbage Fox news puts out.
    I really wish these news sources would stop trying to create opinion and just trust the American people to digest the facts and deal with them accordingly.
    Genuinely most people I know understand what's happening in the media and are sick of it.
    Their coverage of Trump is rarely flattering and even if he did something well it was because if someone else.
    Fact is Trump is a lot of things, Good at some, Terrible at others and has done both good and bad.
    That's just one type of example.
    Facts are facts and I've grown sick of news articles from cnn that border on conspiracy theory and propaganda from Fox news.

    Time for these folks to get their collective acts together and stop constantly stirring the pot. Just give it to us straight.
    Journalistic activism is an oxymoron that has no place in our world. Just hold the people in power accountable as your job which supposedly describe and get over yourselves.
    There's a reason both Trump was elected and Hillary wasn't.
    There's also a reason Obama was. Obama was supposedly a fresh face and new blood but quickly became a seasoned politician like anyone else working in Washington too long.
    The news organization jobs are to find out what's going on and scream it from the rooftops. Fox, Cnn ECT should be digging for news everywhere they can find it, Not receiving everything off the wire and putting their own spin on it like a bunch of taking heads.

  • Pick just about any

    In my opinion, Huff post is hate speech wrapped in a leftist blanket. It is a tool used by those who would move america away from a constitutional republic and rule through fostering hate and suspicion while promoting a path to "enlightened" socialism. And if you disagree, You must be at best marginalized and at worst singles out for vilification and public torment

  • Blocked my comments!

    I posted several comments in a news article the had posted regarding Trump's visit the the NC area hit by Florence. Specifically, About the guy who had a boat in his yard; "at least you have a boat". Was the headline. None of my comments were posted! Maybe that's because they were some-what supportive of Trump. Not MAYBE, But BECAUSE!

  • Left wing Propaganda

    Huffpost print left wing biased lies over and over again thinking that if they do it enough times people will actually start to believe them. The are anti white, anti Christian, anti Nationalist and heavily Pro ILLEGAL immigration, always trying to guilt trip 'Whitey' for slavery (even though it was the white man that ended slavery) and brand ILLEGAL economic migrants as poor 'refugees' then show pictures of kids which is in my eyes blatantly lying. A disgusting organisation that should have been shut down a long time ago but of course you have people like Soros funding them, they definitely don't survive for good reporting that's for sure.

  • Bs. Cant stand it

    Everything they post is anti-man, anti-white, anti-republican. Everyday theres an article about someone being racist, some bimbo porn star is a hero for screwing trump.

    I wish i could disable it from my news feed. Unfortunately google news is nothing but bullshit. Fox, cnn, Washington post, politico, snopes, huff post.

  • Does anyone doubt this is the picture of the editors of HuffPo?

    I'm not about to begin an argument about whether or not an organization that is comprised of only one specific segment of the population can be unbiased and fair but if you're an organization that consistently berates corporations, etc. based on the makeup of the organization board, etc. then this picture reflect an undeniable measure of the organization. I look at this picture and I don't have any problem thinking that they could represent an unbiased opinion but when you realize that the opinion that they espouse is that an organization (country, company, etc.) can't be unbiased if the makeup of that organization only represents a specific segment, then it seems that HuffPo is engaging in their own kind of bigotry. To believe that HuffPo is not biased defies their own measure of the bias of an organization. People meed to wake up and realize how they are being manipulated.

  • This is full of shit

    It is not biased but full of shit. Shit is not biased but it smells bad. Who will read this shit, I cannot imagine. Shit journal. More and more shit. I doubt it's readership is lot. It is not offensive, but it is shit nudo journal against police and gives weight to criminals.

  • Racially? Not necessarily...

    First off, am I offended at Huffington Post?

    No. I don't like 90% of their articles, but I don't get offended. I will protect their right to say whatever crap they want, it's conservatives who ardently stride to defend this right so for me to be offended and suggest they have to stop would be hypocritical. Takes a lot more than double standards and terrible journalism to offend me.

    Guys, this is a news outlet. An extremely liberal one at that. So of course they're going to be biased beyond reason. But racially? Not necessarily. They do pander to minorities and tend to hate on anybody who might be white because of what white people did hundreds of years ago. You know, typical SJW bullshit. Essentially, what I'm saying is that Huff Post is like the Buzzfeed of journaling. I wouldn't say they're racially biased so much as they are biased against anyone of a certain gender. They have articles about how some sexist commercial "reminds women they're nothing but sexual objects" and others about how a calendar featuring shirtless muscular men holding puppies is their favorite thing ever. They're full of shit, but racially biased? I wouldn't say so, because that implies to me that they focused more on pandering to those of a certain race than those of a certain gender.

  • It's biased but not racially.

    Yeah course it's biased it's a news outlet, they all are, but not racially biased because it reports on the president who happens to be black and the amount of black people shot by police, though it is bs in general, no it isn't offensive nor is it racially biased, it's just politically biased.

  • Huff Post spews out disgraceful daily, liberal, left wing bile.

    It's possible to complain about the BBC's support of left wing politics, but Huff Post carries on ad nauseum without restraint. Huff Post is anti Brexit, anti Boris Johnson, anti Donald Trump, anti Cameron, and pro Corbyn banging out his citizen Smith political views that haven't changed since the seventies.

  • Not offensive just because i just so happen to think differently from the editor!

    Simply put; they are biased against republicans, traditional values, Israel, and law enforcement to mention a few. This falls in line with 'progressivesm' and liberal agendas. They will not consider the full picture simply because it doesn't suit their liberal standpoint - if they did they would contradict their own views. They cannot be relied upon for factual unbiased reporting. So steer well clear if you are anything from central right onwards on the political spectrum otherwise it will just make you angry. I stopped reading their stories a while back because i simply don't agree with their views. I suppose i am offended by their ignorance at times but thats the media today really. Everyone has an agenda they try to push through. The best thing to do is read from several papers before forming an opinion. To say HP is offensive is to deny their freedo. Of speech

  • The Huffington Post is not racially biased.

    The Huffington Post is a news aggregator...That is it. While it does have a liberal slant to it, I do not see it as a racist web site. Please provide proof that it is.
    It is not a journalistic powerhouse nor does it try to be. It is a very lightweight news aggregator that tries to be everything to everyone. It generally does not have much in-depth reporting but it is moving in that direction. If you want a deeper understanding of a particular story, then go and follow it up with further research. Or go straight to a major newspaper site.
    I like it and dislike it at the same time. I like the fact that I can get bits and pieces of current stories all in one place. What I dislike is the pettiness of the reader's comments. But, everyone is entitled to their opinions, even if I don't agree with it.

    The comments in the "yes" category are shallow, uninformed and without substance to support their claim. All I see is the typical, clichéd BS about liberals, tabloids, disinformation...Etc.. This is a debating site or just an opinion page?
    The Huffington post is not owned by a liberal. It does not set out to be a hard hitting journalistic endeavor. It's hardly radical. Don't expect something different when it is quite clear that the site is exactly what it's telling you it is.

  • It is not...HOWEVER

    I have not seen articles on the Post as offensive or racially biased, some are however promoting left values. There are media and news outlets that tend to sway the public both towards the right (FOX) and the left (HP) and therefore cannot be seen as 100% reliable. For example, there have been 2 articles about the recent shooting of a police officer in Penn, however Michael Brown stories have been in the headline everyday. The left ideals of gun control and the oppression of minorities are only being promoted by this slap in the face of discrimination, and choose not to discuss the dangers of police work and why a cop would shoot someone unarmed, based on what their training teaches them to do circumstantially. They are quick to promote discrimination and the wrongs of the middle-class without evaluating the institutional values of different subcultures within society and how they are socialized. Because HP does not take both sides into account and tends to side against right values, I would have to conclude that although it may not be racist or offensive, it is definitely biased towards left values and attempt to distort right wing ideas.

  • The Huffington Post is not offensive nor racially biased.

    No, I do not believe that the Huffington Post should be considered offensive, nor racially biased. In fact, I believe the Huffington Post essentially aggregates their content from other news sources or from a network of freelance writers. Therefore, it would be unlikely that an entire institution could be labeled as biased when they are actually made up of a network of individuals.

  • I do not theink that the Huffington Post is offensive and racially biased.

    I do not think that the Huffington Post is offensive and racially biased. The Huffington Post is a liberal news outlet that has no ideological affiliation among its journalists, writers and bloggers. There have been no allegations of racial bias against the Huffington post, but there was a controversy that alleged the Huffington post promote psuedo-sciences such as alternative medicine and supporting anti-vaccine activists.

  • No, it's not offensive

    No, I read Huffington Post all the time and I don't consider it offensive at all. Not in terms of content, anyway. Some of the headlines are offensively coy, in an effort to get you to click through. But the articles are quite reasonable. I haven't detected any racial bias. The occasional blog might be offensively politically correct, but they can't really help that. But in general, no, I wouldn't say it's racially biased.

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abhishake says2015-06-14T09:24:12.450
It's not just you Americans I guess, for some of their recently launched India-edition articles seem to be a mix of offensive, propaganda (for vested interests), irrelevant, provocative and selective (of reporting). Just because some stupid Indians rape doesn't warrant articles implicitly encouraging hatred towards all Indian men, culture and the country. Just because your (HP's) editorial board dislikes the highly popular present Indian PM doesn't mean you indulge in selective & biased reporting, for instance - making it seem like Twitterati hates him (for his "despite being a woman....." remark which was twisted out of context) at a time when Twitterati was actually hailing him for an anti-terror army operation inside Myanmar.

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