• It is very marginal.

    The theory of intelligent design has been in continual decline since the nineteenth century and the wholehearted embrace by the scientific community of Darwin's theory of evolution. While it experiences occasional surges in popularity among fundamentalist Christian groups it has not succeeded in establishing itself as a viable alternative for more than a century.

  • It has little scientific backing and more religious backing so it is an idea but not a theory.

    A theory is the result of repeated testable evidence. The intelligent design theory makes assumptions that complex life and the universe is the result of the designer based on religious ideas about God. However, science cannot show in an experiment that a designer of the creation exists or not, it is outside the realm of empirical science.

  • It isn't a theory.

    Intelligent design is a proven fact. The universe as we know it could not exist without an intelligent creator. If there wasn't an intelligent creator then the laws of logic could not exist. The laws of logic are transcendent and therefore require a transcendent mind. I don't see how people don't believe in intelligent design.

  • People still believe it.

    There are many people who believe that humans are created by a higher power. Just like there are still differences of opinion on climate change, there are differences of opinion on creationism. Even Darwin said at the end of his life that his theories were just theories. Creationism is still popular.

  • As long as religion exists

    So to will a religion based explanation on how everything came to be. While this theory might be replaced some time in the future one very similar to it will pop up instead. You can't change religious belief and that belief will give rise to those trying to make science fit religion (dang wordcount on submission the first sentence said it all).

  • Intelligent design theory is not coming to an end.

    Intelligent design theory is likely to see a surge in popularity. With the election of Trump as US president, the republican party will encourage Christian ideas and theories.Intelligent design will be one of them. The debate between evolution of man and creationism will surge and more people will be looking into the arguments of both.

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