• Lamborghini is leagues better

    All Lambos look menacing. Ferrari's snobbish attitude is annoying, And their recent conversion to V8 engines is a real turn-off. The drama Lamborghinis offer is insane. Loud engine, Outrageous styling, Insane speed, And most importantly, It's a MASSIVE head-turner. If you wanna make all your haters jealous, Then a Lamborghini is the way to go :)

  • Lambos are faster in straight line

    Just look for the huracan performante and aventador svj. They are way more good looking than ferraris, And still are natural aspirated. And lamborghini has a SUV called Urus that is the fastest SUV in the world. And personally i like that they have 4 wheel drive for much better grip.

  • Styling is everything

    Space age pimping cost way more money than Lamborghini's. All that i have to say is that Ferraris are better than Lamborghinis period and that is that. What is what is does is does it is the way and no other way is the way. . . Choose wisely as does I

  • Just better k

    To people saying Lamborghini is for the young and Ferrari is for grown ups for its racing heritage and artistic build is not true anymore. Once Lamborghini have more money they can regularly enter races in Le Mans and Formula 1. These coming years they might release their successor to the LM002 the Goliath SUV and four door sedan Estoque adding more models in their brand signifying they have more money and expecting more sales. Like what they did before during 70's to 80's releasing the 400GT, Uracco, Jarama, Silhouette and Espada and Islero and LM002 that they want to add more cars in their brand like what they are planning in releasing Estoque and Goliath.

  • Nürburgring: Lambo is king

    On the world's test track, The Nürburgring, Lambo shines (1st place and 3rd place current 2019) and Ferrari isn't even in the top 20. Lamborghini aesthetically has gone from gaudy to beautiful in the past 10 years also. The Audi merger was magic, And they are the top company for super cars hands down to me. Ferrari can't even hold on at Formula 1. Losing on all fronts.

  • Lamborghini is better

    I think that Lamborghini is better than Ferrari even though I like and love both of them (Lamborghini and Ferrari are both cool but if your a true Jake Pauler like I am then you would agree that Lamborghini is better than Ferrari, I don’t just think that because I’m a true Jake Pauler I also think that because in my opinion I personally think that it’s better)

  • Lamborghini has v10's and the aventador just so nice!!!!!

    They are better looking they're just overall an amazing and awesome car. Lamborghini are definitely better the red aventador roadster just looks amazing.They are more popular, more powerful, and more common. They're just so amazing I can't even tell you how amazing they are!!!!!!!!!!! Over all Lamborghini is the best. Lamborghini FOR LIFE!!!

  • Ferrari is a shady ass company

    Over the years, ferrari has been accused of rolling back the miles on the odometers of their used cars and even though they never said anything officially, everyone already knew they were doing it. They just came out and said they've been doing it all along without remorse. I'm not going into any other examples as you can find many more issues with their business strategy and the integrity of their employees.

  • Lamborghini is the best super car!!!

    They have a better engine first of all. They have a V12 6.5 liter engine. It has a twin clutch gearbox, and its a 7 speed manual. It is also faster off the line. It has a higher top speed and they have a faster rate of acceleration. They also have better handling and they feel so much better to drive. They just look so much meaner and even though they are more expensive they are definitely going ti give you your money's worth. Lamborghini is just all around the best super car to buy

  • Fuck Ferrari They Are Way Behind Lamborghini

    Lamborghini's have always been better than Ferrari from the first moment the company started making super cars. In fact without Lamborghini super cars wouldn't be super cars today. They look better, the sounds better, they catch more eyes and they are more expensive because your getting what you pay for. Ferrari have done nothing since the la Ferrari came out and came out with the shitty 812 super fast and the 488 gtb which look and sound disgusting while Lamborghini is dominating with its performante and new urus which is coming out. Bottom line Ferrari can never be at the level of Lamborghini because what ever they come out with Lamborghini is always one step ahead.

  • No, Ferrari is a better car than Lamborghini.

    I think that the Ferrari is a superior automobile and sports car to the Lamborghini. While the Lamborghini may be popular to some, the Ferrari is liked by most. I think that the Ferrari also has a more prestige history and legacy. And the reason for that is because of the quality of their cars.

  • As basic as basic gets...

    Personal preference (I'm a luxury man) is Ferrari
    Lamborghini for performance. They focus on best engines, best wheels, best steering, best anything that involves performance. Whilst they still have a top of the range interior, it's really just expected in a supercar.
    Ferrari for Luxury
    Ferrari focuses on luxury and comfort, whilst trying to deliver the standards of a supercar in terms of performance.

    So now, I wait patiently for an Italian company to combine both... A Lamborarri if you will.

  • Everything you hear is a lie.

    Yes, Ferrucio did make tractors when he was young, he worked for the Army in WWII and by the time the war had ended, he was a very wealthy man. He had always wanted to make a superior sports car, he dreamed that long before Ferrari came along. He started lamborghini to compete and live up to his dream. Enzo never laughed at him but he did once buy a Ferrari. What happened was he hated it and that is what got him to live up to his dream.

    Now, to the facts. Lamborghini is all show and for 12 year olds. Ferrari is for the pro's and for people that actually know a thing or two about racing and cars. Ferrari is meant for the track, ever since they started off, participating in every F1 championship never missing a race. Lamborghini is poor and lacks that. They make overpriced Million dollar flash cars, that make the uneducated aww when they drive by. Lamborghini never had any racing pedigree and makes cars only for money. Every car Ferrari makes, not only makes it for looks and speed, but for the track also. It dosent matter the car. You wont need a special kit or upgraded version, you could have the stock, and still race and win on a track.

  • No, Ferrari is better than Lamborghini

    It's not all about speed. Yes, the Lamborghini is faster than Ferrari but then, anyway you will probably not be going fast on the road as there is a speed limit (unless you live in Germany of course) Ferrari provides better handling in my opinion and they have more experience in building cars and as they take part in f1 they can use technology from f1 to make great road cars. While lambos are mostly made for speed and they don't consider any other factors.

  • Ferrari is more elegant. And who could say it's not fast?

    You guys say the Lamborghini is better than the Ferrari? Just look at the 488 GTB and the Huracan Spyder! The Lamborghini s just like a 17-year-old, with his hair blue and green, and straight up, blasting rock music from the speaker, and drives a hideously looking car that couldn't go faster than 50!

  • No, lambo is only for the one who doesn't know about car

    Ferrari is always better, ferrari designed for race and and track. Lambo is only a shitty car that only can fast on the straight line. As we know that old ferrari 599 lap time is faster than a new aventador sv in nurburgring. Ferrari is built for a race driver, and lambo is built for stupid driver

  • Ferrari is way better

    You would get more girls in a Ferrari anyways and any ways Ferrari's are even more good looking than Lamborghini and then that is also why Ferrari's cost way more money than Lamborghini's. All that i have to say is that Ferraris are better than Lamborghinis period and that is that.

  • Ferraris are nicer!

    I'm sorry to tell you this, but Lamborghinis are cheap and ugly. They have a bunch of fake "aerodynamic" features that are made for only aesthetics, but end up making the car even uglier.

    Ferraris, on the other hand, make beautiful cars with high quality interiors, and the most advanced technology. They don't need to put useless parts on their cars to make it look "cool", because their cars are already the most beautiful.

  • Ferrari is better

    Lamborghini may have more speed but Ferrari has a better racing pedigree, are more elegant than Lamborghini and is more prestige than Lamborghini. Ferrari drivers buy it for the car while those driving lamborghinis are young kids who don't know about cars. Don't be fooled Ferrari is the best car brand to ever manufacture cars

  • Lamborghinis Are the Perfect Cars for People Who Want to be Seen And Heard: Instead of Actually Driving.

    Automotive Journalist, and now Top Gear host Chris Harris said it best. After reading countless reviews, watching hours of footage, and talking with a neighbor of mine who has an impressive collection of cars including a three Aventadors (one is a red SV), Speciale, Speciale Aperta, a Huracan, a F12, countless AMG's, Aston Martins, Bentleys, etc. I have come to an agreement with these experts: Ferraris drive better than their rivals in Sant' Agata.

    I will concede that the people who design Lamborghinis make beautiful looking and sounding cars. In fact, the aventador is in my top 10 best looking cars you can buy. I want to root for Lamborghini, I really do, but I have heard and seen an immense level of understeer. As many know, that is the stuff that kills driver excitement.

    Many attribute it to Lambo's overseers at Audi and subsequently VW, but with a brand that is supposed to be focused on how a car drives at speed- rather than piddling around town they should be doing better. For Pete's sake, Audi,commonly referred to as the kings of understeer has made a more exciting car than the mechanically identical Huracan with its R8 V10 Plus!

    Ferraris, on the other hand, have it dialed- in to near perfection. Electronic systems that still let you have a bit of fun, incredible incorporation of race technologies developed in their various racing divisions, and timeless elegance that both honors heritage and forges new futures. And the rear wheel drive, while not quite as good out of lower speed corners as all wheel drive, allows you to really let yourself have fun. My only wish is that Ferrari utilized more carbon fiber in their chassis, which provides just that extra rigidity in the corners: but if you're interested, there's McLaren for that. Still, I'd take the Fandango over both the Macca and the Lambo ten times out of ten.

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