• Yes, I think Lambo is the better car.

    Lamborghini is the epitome of a SuperCar, and while Ferrari is classic and has been around stealing the hearts and wallets of millions of consumers, it simply is not a grand and super as Lamborghini. The Lamborghini is a better car overall because it is faster, slimmer, and so much more expensive.

  • Yes, its a nicer car

    I haven't driven either one, but if I had a choice, I would select the Lamborghini. Its more aesthetically pleasing (although both are beautiful). I know they are incredibly well designed, very fast, and very well engineered. The same can be said about Ferrari, however. But as a person who appreciates a beautiful car, I would opt for the Lamborghini.

  • Lamborghini is love Lamborghini is life

    Lamborghini's all the way their cars look better and are way faster. Yes some Ferrari's look good but all Lamborghini's look good. I have fallen in love with when i saw the gallardo and continue to do so. I am a raging bull person not a prancing horse person enough said. Apart from people pay more attention to a Lambo than a Ferrari.

  • Lambo all the way!

    I used to be a fan of Ferrari when I was a kid. Until I saw the Diablo and started playing Need For Speed and learned about the Murcielago, my view has changed. I've been falling in love with Lambos ever since. Not just the looks, but the engine is more powerful than Ferrari, enough said. I actually got the opportunity to drive a Gallardo Superleggera on the track in Vegas and it totally blew me away, though I have to admit that the brake was spongy, meaning you have to press a bit harder on the pedal than you normally would on other cars, but you will eventually get adjusted and used to it. I also drove the Gallardo Spyder Performante on the street as well. I noticed I got a lot of heads turned, taking pictures, giving me thumbs up etc. That feeling was just priceless. Even 2 guys in a Corvette asked me to race them and they got smoked big time. I am not sure if you are able to get that in a Ferrari b/c it's more popular than the Lambo on the street in my opinion, but Lambos are more exotic and cooler looking than the Prancing Horse to me. So with all these factors, I would go with the Raging Bull all the way :D

  • Yes, Lamborghinis are better all round

    Lamborghini come in multiple colours, they have better engines, they look better and they sound better. Lamborghini takes more time to produce good quality cars unlike Ferraris. Lambos were created to fit the purpose of being better than Ferraris and if there is still a company called Lamborghini producing sports cars some fifty years down the track than they must be better than Ferraris!!!

  • A Lamborghini is better than a Ferrari.

    Yes a Lamborghini is a better car than a Ferrari. Lamborghini's are nicknamed Lambo for a reason. Their prestige is unmatched in the automotive industry. The design, craftsmanship, and engineering behind the Lamborghini have always been viewed as the best there is in the world. This is why Lamborghini's are superior.

  • Just Personal Preference.

    I am not sure what car has the better stats, as far as which one could go faster, or which one would win a quarter mile drag race. I have just always liked the style of the Lamborghini a bit more than the Ferrari. Both cars are cool, and would not mind owning either one though.

  • F is Ferrari and Ferrari is for FAIL!!!

    Why, I say? Well, in the golden days of 1963, a well educated gentleman of a properly raised-well childhood named Ferruccio Lamborghini purchased a Ferrari 250GT only to discover that the car was only a tad better than crap. He found the differential was clunky and clumsy between gears, the cabin had much noise, and the seats were so bad, that it was possible that they were torture toys. He brought his listed problems to the arrogant Enzo Ferrari, who snapped rudely with oily pride, "GO SOAK YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!!"!!! Ferruccio was not hurt, however, and vowed to tune and create a better car. His dream has spread by his championship-worthy models of Miura, Aventador, Veneno and more while displaying that power is nothing without control. That arrogance diminishes wisdom. That the Legend of Lamborghini still lives on.

  • Lamborghini is way better. Especially the tractors

    The company is probably the best Italian car company. A lambo has all the luxury, swiftness, and fun u could ever want in a car. Ferraris r pretty sweet, but they uncomfortable. Ive tried one. In my opinion, the lambo style is also better. It has that modern tech and seeing one for the first time makes u think: yep its gonna be fast as HELL!

  • Lambos are faster in straight line

    Just look for the huracan performante and aventador svj. They are way more good looking than ferraris, And still are natural aspirated. And lamborghini has a SUV called Urus that is the fastest SUV in the world. And personally i like that they have 4 wheel drive for much better grip.

  • Ferrari is way better

    You would get more girls in a Ferrari anyways and any ways Ferrari's are even more good looking than Lamborghini and then that is also why Ferrari's cost way more money than Lamborghini's. All that i have to say is that Ferraris are better than Lamborghinis period and that is that.

  • No, lambo is only for the one who doesn't know about car

    Ferrari is always better, ferrari designed for race and and track. Lambo is only a shitty car that only can fast on the straight line. As we know that old ferrari 599 lap time is faster than a new aventador sv in nurburgring. Ferrari is built for a race driver, and lambo is built for stupid driver

  • Ferrari is more elegant. And who could say it's not fast?

    You guys say the Lamborghini is better than the Ferrari? Just look at the 488 GTB and the Huracan Spyder! The Lamborghini s just like a 17-year-old, with his hair blue and green, and straight up, blasting rock music from the speaker, and drives a hideously looking car that couldn't go faster than 50!

  • No, Ferrari is better than Lamborghini

    It's not all about speed. Yes, the Lamborghini is faster than Ferrari but then, anyway you will probably not be going fast on the road as there is a speed limit (unless you live in Germany of course) Ferrari provides better handling in my opinion and they have more experience in building cars and as they take part in f1 they can use technology from f1 to make great road cars. While lambos are mostly made for speed and they don't consider any other factors.

  • Everything you hear is a lie.

    Yes, Ferrucio did make tractors when he was young, he worked for the Army in WWII and by the time the war had ended, he was a very wealthy man. He had always wanted to make a superior sports car, he dreamed that long before Ferrari came along. He started lamborghini to compete and live up to his dream. Enzo never laughed at him but he did once buy a Ferrari. What happened was he hated it and that is what got him to live up to his dream.

    Now, to the facts. Lamborghini is all show and for 12 year olds. Ferrari is for the pro's and for people that actually know a thing or two about racing and cars. Ferrari is meant for the track, ever since they started off, participating in every F1 championship never missing a race. Lamborghini is poor and lacks that. They make overpriced Million dollar flash cars, that make the uneducated aww when they drive by. Lamborghini never had any racing pedigree and makes cars only for money. Every car Ferrari makes, not only makes it for looks and speed, but for the track also. It dosent matter the car. You wont need a special kit or upgraded version, you could have the stock, and still race and win on a track.

  • As basic as basic gets...

    Personal preference (I'm a luxury man) is Ferrari
    Lamborghini for performance. They focus on best engines, best wheels, best steering, best anything that involves performance. Whilst they still have a top of the range interior, it's really just expected in a supercar.
    Ferrari for Luxury
    Ferrari focuses on luxury and comfort, whilst trying to deliver the standards of a supercar in terms of performance.

    So now, I wait patiently for an Italian company to combine both... A Lamborarri if you will.

  • No, Ferrari is a better car than Lamborghini.

    I think that the Ferrari is a superior automobile and sports car to the Lamborghini. While the Lamborghini may be popular to some, the Ferrari is liked by most. I think that the Ferrari also has a more prestige history and legacy. And the reason for that is because of the quality of their cars.

  • Feeling is important

    The major difference in a Ferrari is the feeling, When your going down the high way revving the 4 liter v8 to 11000 rpm, Its a feeling of pure excitement. I believe that's the problem with Lamborghini these days they are too focused on performance that it drains the excitement out of the ride.

    PS: I love both companies but I wanted to express that its not always the performance that gets excitement its the feel.

  • Both r good but. . .

    I'm not saying that Lamborghinis are bad, But I feel like Ferraris are more elegant. Just like the prancing horse they are. I've been reading a lot of these, And yes, I do agree that Lamborghinis are faster and sound better. However, People never seem to realize the truth. Quarter and half miles aren't everything; the track is too. Ferrari is obviously better at this, Since the brand was born around racing. Only 12 year old kids who know anything about cars think Lambos are better at everything.

  • I love them both.But however ferarri has many more years of racing expirience and still is one of the best f1 and racing cars.

    However they are falling way behind and lacking performance wise compared to buggati koeningsegg and porsche with at being on average cheaper and smaller engines gives ferarri and lamborghini a real challenge.So yes they both can gap it but slowely becoming lunch for the other super cars.Still my favourite cars

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