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  • Internet won't crash

    People seem to have little faith in the Internet. Remember 2000? Nothing happened. It will be fine when leap second happens too. Nothing to worry about. It is a non issue. Even if something did happen, it would be quickly fixed I bet. I won't think about this again, no big deal.

  • no it won't

    We have heard so many theories about things that will crash or happen because of this and that. It never happens, or we are able to prevent it from happening. I will believe it when it actually happens. Too many conspiracy or disaster theories around for me to believe them all.

  • Much Ado About Nothing

    Perhaps the leap second will be the revenge of Y2K. For those of us who were around for Y2K and had prepared for the dire consequences of that event, it is pretty hard to get worked up about a leap second. After all, Y2K was supposed to cause mass chaos and planes falling out the sky, so what harm could a change of a second do?

  • No, I dont think it will cause the internet to crash.

    No, I do not think that the Leap Second will cause the internet to crash. Everyone knows how crazy and wild the world would go with no internet therefore I think they will all try very hard to make sure that it does not crash throughout all of this or else we will have a very angry society.

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