Do you think that the majority of the population in the U.S. feels like they are being entitled to the "Pursuit of Happiness"?

Asked by: Frostbitte99
  • I think so.

    But the thing is, I think that everyone everywhere around the world should be entitled to the *pursuit* of happiness. I do not mean this in any way to be taken as that you are entitled to have others or the government or anyone else make you happy. I just simply mean that people should have the right to pursue it through their own work and efforts! Why shouldn't people be able to work towards their own happiness? Your work and efforts should be your own and you should be able to put that work towards the goals that you find worth-while and pleasing as long as those goals do not harm others. I definitely believe in freedom and that's kinda what freedom is all about!

  • These words aren't part of the Constitution!

    People hear these words spoken, and feel it is their right, without even understanding where it comes from. The Declaration of Independence does not carry the force of law. It is not a legal document in that sense. We need to teach US History and Civics in High School. No, you are NOT entitled to happiness. Freedom of Speech and the right to peaceably assemble are rights that make me happy. I'm happy that freedom of religion also means freedom FROM religion, and that the government cannot establish a national religion. The sum of those rights, along with all those others, does make me happy. But, my happiness is not mandated. The Second Amendment makes me happy, but it might make you very unhappy. So, happiness is relevant to the individual, and definitely not a "right" guaranteed us by anyone or any document.

  • Yes, as most people look at the Declaration of Independence and Constitution as sources for entitlement.

    I would agree that most people in the country view the three unalienable rights as things that are entitled to them, because they are unalienable. Unfortunately, many people keep forgetting that the words of the Declaration of Independence has no legal standing, and therefore they thing that they are legally obligated to those three rights.

  • Pursuit of Entitlement

    I believe entitlement is becoming a real issue in this country. The rich and middle class kids have everything handed to them as kids, while the poor have enough safety nets (unlimited food, housing, ect.) payed for by someone else, it's hard not to feel entitled to your happiness in America.

  • Pursuit of Entiltment

    Entitlement is an is an issue in a country as rich and as giving as ours. Most children have everything handed to them and expect life to be handed to them as well and with large safety nets in this country, it's hard not to feel entitled to some sort of happiness.

  • It is a hard question for me to answer

    We have people that live in poverty, and some that are poor, I feel like majority is not being met. Then again, some people are in control of their happiness, and I think that the choices that you make affect how happy you are in the outrun. I do not know quite how to answer, that's why I ask.

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