Do you think that the members of the military and police force should get paid at least as much as a good plastic surgeon?

Asked by: sasty525

    When everyone present at home on a holiday including the surgeons they are at the border to protect us. Yes "they" refers to MILITARY FORCE. Risking their life why not they paid what they deserve. They are the "neev" of our country without them we even cant think of living in society where so much crimes are taking place. They should be adjudged and appreciated for their leonine work and paid what they deserves. They stand at the equal position to a surgeon , difference is "surgeon saves others life whereas soldiers risk their own life". They should be given equal priorities and what they actally deserve.

  • In fairness I think so

    These men and women may not go to school as long. But they do train for what they do. They save lives as surgeons do, however they also, far too often, sacrifice either their way of life or their life in it's entirety. Not to mention the stresses that they deal with everyday which, from what I understand, can't be comprehended unless you have 'walked in their shoes'. Keeping these things in mind, I find it hard to accept that so many other occupations, where the stakes are not as high, pay so much better than the men and women of our armed forces and police force

  • Members of military

    I think so because they are the ones who have left their family who have risked their life to save the life of the civilians. They are as valuable for us as our national heritages. When we civilians are celebrating different festivals in our houses then these military and police forces are on duty and are deliberately performing their duty.

  • It is, at the moment, unfair.

    By voting yes, I not only mean that the military and police force get paid AT LEAST as much as, but rather MORE THAN plastic surgeons. Why? Well, quite obviously, the military and police force are in charge of keeping the safety and prosperity of our community, whereas a plastic surgeon does what? Remodel your face? I say it's pretty much the same as teachers having less salary as compared to public entertainers! >:(

  • Not at all

    Even a low end plastic surgeon gets payed over $200,000. While I believe the members of the military deserve more than they get payed, that's far too much. We just can't afford that. A good salary of 70-75,000 I could support. It's a decent amount to live on (especially considering that there are no taxes, last I heard).

  • It's not unfair, and even if it were, that has nothing to do with it.

    It seems that a "good plastic surgeon" is used here to conjure bias against those physicians who perform breast augmentations or face lifts, etc... Considering the breadth of work that these physicians actually do, and that the premise of the question is that they are "good" at it, this question is incredibly simple.

  • The skills needed to be a good plastic surgeon are much more scarce.

    Firstly, it's unaffordable - if you paid every cop at precinct level or army private the same as plastic surgeons earn, you wouldn't be able to afford enough of them to do the work needed. Secondly, it's unnecessary - the police and military don't have particular trouble recruiting. Thirdly, it's unfair - to get to the stage of being able to work as a plastic surgeon, you have to go through years of college and med school and then serve your residency, accruing massive debts along the way. You can join the military with a high school education.

  • It is too Costly.

    As much as I would like to see our Soldiers and Police force make as much as CEO's do, we have to think about the situation practically. Our government pays the wages of the Soldiers, which means that the money to pay them comes from taxes. And with current spending, we could not even get close to paying all of our soldiers the same amount as a plastic surgeon.

    I would say yes if this was simply ideological, but the practical implications of this are too costly.

  • They need more pay, but not that much more

    While these men and women do great deeds for their country, they don't need to be extremely wealthy. They should be paid some 50,000 - 70,000 USD without taxes, but not 200,000 USD. Where would the money come from? The government would unfairly tax civilians, and there would be more people in the military, and more violence against the government. There would be less people to do other vital jobs, such as being a doctor, or teacher, and the country would collapse.

  • Doctors go through years of training instead of just a high school education.

    Doctors go through years of training instead of just a high school education. Doctors go through years of training instead of just a high school education. Doctors go through years of training instead of just a high school education. Doctors go through years of training instead of just a high school education. Doctors go through years of training instead of just a high school education.

  • Sorry, but no

    The median expected salary for a typical Surgeon - Plastic Reconstructive in the United States is $339,228, Police officer is $26,000. Medical school is far harder, far most costly, and far more selective than the police academy. The fact is, is that it is cheaper, easier, and far less selective to become a cop than a Plastic surgeon. Bottom line, most have what it take to make it through police academy and work as part of the force, the same is not true for a plastic surgeon

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Ragnar says2013-08-13T15:55:24.807
Morally yes, logistically no.