Do you think that the "Minecraft for Free" ad will hack your computer?

Asked by: Minecoen360
  • Yes, I think.

    I believe that there is not going to be such thing as Minecraft for Free in the world ever and the current Minecraft for Free advertisements will just hack your computer. Do not click those advertisements that say " Minecraft: Free! " as they will just hack your computer .

  • Yes they do

    Minecraft stinks you people should try and play roblox because the way minecraft is going its losing player and minecraft is so old and noobs who cant handle action play it and minecraft has many hax and if u download it your computer will probably brake and crash so play roblox instade

  • Nothing is free (SCAM ALERT)

    The possibility of getting a virus are high in this lousy and overated game. You may not know it but it could be secretly there. Minecraft anyway is a badly pixelated game with slow paced combat and with a ton of (visual) glitches. Minecraft is a lousy game :( .

  • It will give you viruses.

    Hack is the act of modifying or changing something to alter or bypass part of the code. The Minecraft: Free! Add will simply request to add code to your computer and the program that will be installed will but a Trojan that will allow someone to grant access into your computer in the future. The person getting onto your computer later is hacking in the virus is just opening the door for him/her.

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