Do you think that the Modern Whig Party is still a relevant party?

Asked by: greatstuff479
  • Yes, they are part of the discussion.

    Yes, I think that the modern whig party is still a relevant party, because it is important that all parties continue to be part of the political discussion. Those who want to discuss what the founding fathers thought are important to the political discource. The founding fathers should not be overlooked in modern society.

  • When the 2 party system fails , we must look elsewhere .

    In today's world we live by a two part system that does not account for all of its citizens , I believe that the Whig party offers a great amount of potential for our nation , with their combined scientific promotion and secularism , and their platform for a nation directly guided by their constitution and the requirement for the head of state to represent to actually represent his peoples wants and desires instead of his own .

  • Two Party System

    Maybe, you would like for it to be a relevant party, but it is simply not. A relevant party is one with some control over the government. None of the US Congressmen (Representatives and Senators) or of the Governors of the states are of the Modern Whig Party. We have two parties that control almost all partisan positions throughout the country. If you don't like it, then go ahead and try to support a third party. But, until one of these other parties has success, they are not relevant.

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