Do you think that the national debt would be significantly reduced if American defense spending was decreased?

  • A decrease is significant based on scale.

    American defense spending makes up roughly half of the budget. Between the military and all the agencies that help enforce our safety and security as a country, this is arguably the largest, paralleling social programs. This is the reason for the high contention. cuts need to be made. Which is the priority to keep and which can be cut? Cuts in either category will reduce the national debt considerably. Cuts in both would reduce it by twice that number. However, neither side will compromise.

  • Defense spending and national debt

    I think the defense spending budget has a significant impact to the national debt. Having our forces in several countries trying to do peacekeeping operations is draining our budget. We need to consolidate our forces back and cut personnel to help lower the cost on defense spending. Once we do this then we can control the national debt better.

  • Yes, I think the national debt would be significantly reduced if the American defense spending was decreased.

    Since defence spending is one of the largest sections of our overall budget I do believe with meaningful cuts we could eliminate the budget deficit and eventually start paying down our debt, I don't believe the US needs to spend the massive sums of money on defence that it does.

  • Yes, the national debt would be decreased in defense spending was decreased.

    I definitely think that the national debet would be significantly reduced if American defense spending was decreased. But that shouldn't mean it should be done. I think that the military spending should continues as is, and the national debt should be taken cared of by making the economy stronger for the people.

  • Not A Significant Impact

    The national debt is a figure that refers to the monies already spent by the American government, so I do not believe a spending decrease for defense would significantly reduce the national debt. It will help stop that debt from increasing which in turn will free up more money to pay toward the debt.

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