Do you think that the new Kimoji app is a waste of space on your cellphone?

  • The Kimoji app has not use on my cellphone

    The fact that it is based on a person who has done no contribution to the well being of humanity is what makes it especially useless. People are glorifying a person who does not have any legitimate talents. This app could probably be the worst form of time waste or procrastination.

  • Anything that involves silly stickers, comments and lazy icons is a waste of money and time

    Although they may seem cute at first, in the long run, all of these silly apps are short-time fads that will soon diminish from interest just as the next app comes along and supplants it. Apps are a waste of money and are useless in the long run as well as distractions from living life.

  • Yes, the new Kimoji app the feature pictures of Kim K. is a waste of space

    Yes, the new new Kimoji app takes up space on your cellphone that could be used for something else. The app features pictures of Kim Kardashian, many of which can be found on the web. There is no need to have an app that displays photos of a celebrity on a cellphone.

  • I personally wouldn't use it.

    I think the Kimoji app is pretty funny, but I wouldn't use it, so I am not going to be downloading it. I don't really need emojis of butts. It is a waste of space on my cell phone because I highly doubt I would ever have a reason to use them.

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