• Repeal the patriot act

    The government is out of control, We fought wars for our freedom.
    America was suppose to be the land of the free. America is a republic and the constitution was formed to protect the people against an oppressive government. The government has been out of control for to long. The criminals that run this country needs to be put in jail and or hung. The elite families need to be brought to justice and the American people need to wake up. We need to End the Fed, The patriot act and fight for the constitution.

  • It should be repealed

    It should be repealed because of Domestic Surveillance. Domestic surveillance is held back because of the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was only made because one person leaked the information about the government wire taping and going through peoples phone records. Yeah i get it invasion of privacy but i would rather have them looking for the bad guys a hundred percent, than doing a half ass job. If this Act was repealed the they could do there job and save lives. Put people in jail that need to be and bring justice and trust back to the USA, No the world.

  • Yes, I believe the Patriot Act should be repealed.

    The Patriot Act has some great potential. The Patriot Act is giving any government agency the ability to protect the citizens with be able to listen to conversations that are happening to protect from terrorist I would agree with. With that said the remaining conditions in the act I strongly disagree with. A lot has gone into implementing this and cost has exceeded what the outcome was supposed to be with very little to show for. Dropping the Patriot Act could help the economy get back on its feet.

  • It's time to repeal the Patriot Act.

    The Patriot Act in the United States has run its course and then some, and should be repealed. It's allowed police forces to abuse its powers in ways that it was never intended. It directly led to the controversy Edward Snowden told us about with the NSA. It's time to repeal.

  • The patriot act needs to be repealed.

    The scared white man syndrome is responsible for the greatest civil rights violations in the history of this country. When white men get scared, they make laws or do things that they say are in national interest. By the time anyone figures out how bad that law or action was, it is too late. The Patriot Act is that exact thing. The government found a reason to act without restriction behind the guise of national security, and we all bought it. Now that the dust of 9/11 is and has been settled, now that we have brought those people to justice, it is time for us to repeal the Patriot Act and other waivers of rights in the name of national security. The war on terror will never end. The threat against this nation will never end. That is what happens when you are the biggest dog in the yard. Occasionally the other dogs want to make sure you still got it. Hiding in the doghouse does not solve the problem. Biting back occasionally at least keeps reminding them why they don't bother the big dog.

  • The partiot act should go

    The patriot act is one of the most horrible and intrusive bills that was ever passed by a United States president. Has the powers within it been abused yet? I think they have. It basically takes away many constitutional freedoms, and gives the government the ability to treat their own as a foreign threat.

  • No, the Patriot Act should not be repealed.

    No, the Patriot Act should not be repealed because it has effectively done a good job since it was established. It is currently under fire by people who have an issue with how far security goes, but very little prove goes against how effective the measure have been. It protect American lives, and really doesn't have a negative impact on day to day lives.

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