Do you think that the previous destruction of Israel was foreordained by God?

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  • No I don't.

    I do not think the previous destruction of Israel was a foreordained by God. I do not think he interferes with our lives because he wanted us to have free will and to make our own mistakes while also learn how to be forgiven for them and become better people.

  • No, I do not

    I am not a believer in God, and thus I don't feel events that take place good or bad are influenced by him. Israel has had and continues to have a tough storyline and that's because of events caused by humans, including the ones currently there that are oppressing Palestinians. Israel is a mess because of a mixture of internal and external factors, none of which are God.

  • No, God had nothing to do with it.

    The destruction of Israel was due to political issues. God does not intervene on these kinds of things even if he does exist. The destruction of a country or location is the work of humans trying to win power over each other, not the work of a powerful supernatural being.

  • Ancient Israel's destruction was due to the forces of man, not God.

    Ancient Israel's destruction was the result of a revolt by the Jews against the Roman Empire in the then Roman province of Judea. The war was costly for the Romans and as punishment Emperor Hadrian ordered the destruction of Jerusalem, the dispersion of the Jews, and the founding of a new province, Palaestina. This was completely the work of the political, ethnic, and religious struggles of men, and had nothing to do with divinity.

  • The Bible Makes It Sound That Way

    I honestly do not believe that the previous destruction of Israel was foreordained by God, but the Bible certainly says it was. I think its difficult to say that an unknown entity caused and made that occurrence happen, because if you say that, what else has he done in the world over the years?

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