Do you think that the restoration of Israel shows that it is God's chosen city?

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  • No, it does not meant that whatsoever.

    God would never choose bullies (Israel's Right Wing government) to control Jerusalem. This MUST be done fairly. Why in Sam Hill the Feds would support genocide, of a people, I'll never know. I'd venue venture a guess it's because the Jews control mass media. The result is that the U.S. is actually controlled by Uncle Ben more than Uncle Sam.

  • Man's chosen city

    The restoration of Israel was a man made project and there's nothing about its apparent existence that proves anything in regards to it being a chosen city of God. As it stands, the claim of divination that Israel has for encroaching on Palestine's land is illegal and the two-state solution is the only reasonable answer, but Israelis will not have this.

  • Restoration of Israel does not show God's hand in it.

    Israel is a man made country. It was created by the British for the Jewish people. If Israel were created by God's command, how can it be that God would allow for another group of people to lose their homes and be driven out to refugee camps all across the middle east. The Bible is a religious text written out from that region of the world. It doesn't mention anything about other countries that became independent after the colonial powers left Africa and Asia. Did God create those countries too? No. So the restoration of Israel should be seen only through the eyes of History and ramifications of war and not as a prophecy.

  • Not at all

    I think the restoration of Israel can mainly be attributed to almost every single western country putting its hope and resources behind it's development to help make it flourish. I think that it would have been very hard for Israel to not succeed given all of the help they were given.

  • It Was Done By Force

    I do not believe the restoration of Israel shows that it is God's chosen city. The Bible indicated that the Jewish heritage was his chosen people, as is easy to find in the Bible. However, the current Israeli state was forced into being and is greatly guarded, especially by America.

  • The restoration of Israel does not show that it is God's chosen city.

    The restoration of Israel does not prove that the Jews are God's chosen race. The state of Israel happened after World War II when the British withdrew from the Mandate of Palestine. The Jews were given the land because they were driven out of Europe by the Nazis and the Holocaust.

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