Do you think that the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court on ObamaCare was proper?

  • The ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court on ObamaCare was proper.

    The Supreme Court was correct to support the ObamaCare bill. The Affordable Care Act is going to improve the lives of many Americans and it will save the country money. The Court was also correct to rule that the bill is constitutional. It is permissible for the government to tax its citizens.

  • Unfortunately, yes it was.

    As much as I hate to agree with it, yes, their ruling was just. Ignoring any political bias and looking at the Constitutionality of the act, it technically does not force anyone to purchase health care, but taxes you if you don't. So legally the law is valid according to the Constitution.

  • They acted within legal precedent

    In such a heated debate about what's right and wrong with telling people to buy health care, the supreme court is correct in their determination. The law doesn't really force anyone to buy health insurance. However, it adds a tax to a group of people for not. Something that's been done for centuries. It's no different than taxing the unpopular behavior of smoking or drinking.

  • Yes it was.

    The main argument in the Supreme Court case against Obamacare was that it was not legal to ask the public to buy a product with a penalty of more taxation if they do not. The federal argument was that you need insurance because no matter what, everyone will participate in the system. I think it was right.

  • Supreme Court Should Have Ended Obamacare

    Unfortunately, the Supreme Court made a mistake by not striking down all of Obamacare. No law should have forced Americans to purchase healthcare coverage. Such a policy even makes coverage more expensive for many employers and employees. Therefore, the Supreme Court made a huge mistake with far reaching consequences in the near future.

  • Roberts put politics first

    The individual mandate was passed, and the entire argument for why Congress could include it, and what the White house argued in court, was that it was not a tax. Obamacare was not struck down because Roberts, expected to vote against, changed his vote, and wrote that it was constitutional because it was a tax. It seems obvious this was for political, rather than legal, reasons.

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