Do you think that the sanctions handed down by the NCAA on Penn State are fair?

  • Yes, they are lucky

    They are lucky the penalties were not worse. I feel like they should have gotten the death penalty like SMU did years ago. There are too many people involved that knew about what was going on and did nothing to stop it. Now there are too many victims to even count because no one would do anything.

  • Not NCAA business

    The NCAA exists to regulate collegiate athletics. Its core issues are fair play, academics and amateur standing. The Penn State scandal, for all of its heinous crimes, did not involve any of those things. It didn't even involve any college athletes or college athletic events at all. Consequently, the NCAA had no business getting involved period. The civil authorities are in charge of crimes and the punishments should have been left to them.

  • No, they are too lenient.

    No, the sanctions handed down by the NCAA to Penn State were not fair, because they did not go far enough. There was sufficient evidence that the crimes committed at Penn State were covered up by those who knew about it. It is intolerable that the entire program was not shut down indefinitely, so as to send a message to others who are covering up abuse.

  • The NCAA overstepped their boundaries.

    Since when has the NCAA been able to penalize places based off of legal issues. They were created for a fair sport environment only. What happened at Penn State was terrible, but what it shows is the loop holes in U.S. Laws and how not everyone is protected. It was just a few men that messed up, not the school.

  • No its not fair.

    The sanctions handed down by the NCAA are not fair. They aren't punishing the people responsible for the horrible acts they are punishing the current players and fans of Penn State who had nothing to do with the scandal. The players are just kids and want to play for a good football team, but taking away scholarships and the ability to play in Bowl Games really hinders the ability to have a great team.

  • They were too lenient.

    The awful crimes that were ignored and tolerated by Penn State football and the university administration are indicative of an entire university community that completely lost its sense of priorities. Sport performance was placed above everything, including basic human dignity and justice. Penn State football should have faced suspension or complete abolition. Anything less is a joke.

  • They're punishing the wrong people.

    Make them pay a fine, sure. I don't understand the point of banning them from postseason play or making them give up wins in the past; I understand that the point is to send a strong message, but the people really being punished here are student athletes and the student body as a whole. I'm not saying they should not be punished-- merely that measures should have been taken that actually punished those who were responsible.

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