Do you think that the series finale for How I Met Your Mother was good? Why?

Asked by: lanscaper11234
  • The show wasnt really about the mother.

    It was about Robin and how she came to understand love and finally understand how Ted felt in the first episode. Ted wouldnt have told the kids about the funeral or during the hospital because the kids know about it and it was tough for them. The finale was great.

  • Well. The mother died.

    There are numerous reasons why I found this series finale quite disappointing. But there are two reasons why I abhor the ending. One is that the mother died. The whole point of the series is that Ted goes through a lot of suffering and heartbreak, but in the end, he finds the right woman that will make all of those bad experiences worth it. But what did they do? They killed her. Wait, no , she died from a sickness to make room for what? Ted and Robin getting back together. Now, I want Ted to be happy, but he already did found his happiness. His wife and two kids are the proof of that happiness. But no, they had to kill her off for Robin. Now my second complain is that Robin and Barney got divorced. It is just a kick in the testicles when that happened. Why would you dedicate 2 seasons of Barney and Robin getting engaged, preparing for the wedding and getting married if you're just going to get them separated? To me, it is just dumb. Okay, now i am done. Sorry if I raged about the show.

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