• America spends more than everyone else combined

    While there is always going to be one nation that spends more on defense than anyone else, is it right for one nation to spend more than everyone else combined? I like feeling safe and secure in a nation that has the most powerful military in the world, but as a taxpayer, I don't like seeing my dollars going to waste on a military so big that Presidents are trigger happy and start needless invasions.

  • Yes It Is

    I do believe the United States' defense spending is higher than it needs to be for national security. However, we already know now that we'll be decreasing the size of our military and this will save a great deal of money very soon. There are other areas where we spend to much in the name of national security too though. Names the NSA, CIA, and FBI. I'm sure all of these agencies could take some cuts.

  • Yes, United States defense spending is way too much.

    I don't believe that we need to maintain as large of a military force in the world as we are currently. It seems that more danger these days come from terrorism and cyber attacks, both of which require a different kind of national security approach. I think Americans are weary of military interventions in other countries that cost the lives of our soldiers with very little progress towards peace. Military drones are proving to be pretty successful in thinning the ranks of terrorist organizations, and although it seems a bit like vigilante justice, I think it is necessary. We could save an awful lot of money and lives through less intervention in the affairs of other countries.

  • Events cannot be predicted

    There have been two major terrorist attacks in our recent memory that probably could not have been circumvented or prevented in any way, and since then we have also participated in a number of unnecessary wars on countries completely unrelated to the actions of a select few. We are using defense spending as a crutch.

  • not at all

    no, i do not think that the defense spending of the united states is higher than it needs to be at all, and it think that it is a real good thing for us to have and to spend a whole lot of money on, since it is real good.

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