Do you think that the US should adopt a health care system similar to Canada's?

  • Universal Health Care in America

    America should offer universal health care as Canada does to its citizens. In the United States, health care has become a growing concern for many. With the cost of living constantly rising (including health care costs), it has become overwhelmingly expensive for the average American to receive proper health care, especially when they need to see a specialist. Even with Obamacare, or health care provided through one's employer, out of pocket costs have grown exponentially higher, while the salaries of Americans have not risen to meet this inflation. With universal health care, Americans would be guaranteed free and proper treatment at hospitals across the country. There would be equal and adequate care for all, regardless of one's income. Also, the government would place federal regulations on health care, ensuring that all hospitals are meeting the highest standards.

  • Yes, the US should adopt a similar health system to Canada's

    Yes, the United States should adopt a health care system that is similar to that of Canada. In Canada, the health care system is publicly funded and most people obtain most health services for free. In a country with the wealth that the US has, everyone should have access to health care.

  • Yes I agree

    Yes, Canada's health system seems to be working well. I am a fan of Obamacare/ACA - I love that they have eliminated pre-existing conditions. But the plans are still quite expensive - and the copays for doctor visits and prescriptions are crazy high. I think ACA was a great first step but more needs to be done.

  • Government run Healthcare is an obstacle

    The U.S should not adopt a Government managed health care program. All socialized medicine and health care that runs in European countries and in Canada prevent speedy attention and treatment to those in immediate need. Long waiting times are reported by many people who live under Govt managed treatments by doctors and hospitals.

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