• Yes, If the main concern is protection of one's country.

    In order to go to war, a nation has to sacrifice the lives of its young people while its older and elite get to do the talking and ordering instead of fighting. I just don't see how a young person can find a war meaningful unless it directly effects him/her and isn't over something like oil or ideology. And if a war isn't pointless, why can't all groups of the population be involved. Why sacrifice the lives of people who are in the beginning of their adulthood and haven't had as much time to experience life as the members of congress or parliament have.

  • Sometimes war is inevitable

    There are times when war becomes necessary in order to defend a country or maintain peace. Sometimes it is war that creates peace. Sure there are times when war can be avoided, by negotiations between the rivals or something. But when it comes to defending a nation or the question is about maintaining peace, then war is worth it. These wars are not pointless. Many can be neglected, but everything can't be sorted out by negotiations. War at that times becomes a must.

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