Do you think that the Westboro Baptist Church may be a false-flag operation?

Asked by: Rhett_Butler
  • What effect did the WSB have? Who did they help?

    1. Leader was a "former" progressive and civil rights attorney*
    2. Over the top, easily caricatured anti-homosexual statements
    3. Targeted military funerals (to make regular Americans see anyone opposing the homosexual agenda as un-American crazies?). Targeted mainstream Christians, too.
    4. Always got lots of free MSM publicity
    5. Always backed by courts
    6. Cui bono?

  • Crazy doesn't quite cover it.

    These people are too perfect at causing trouble without a believable motive. Religious mania is a terrible human flaw, but these people go out of their way to target emotionally vulnerable situations regardless of purpose or theme. They exist to cause anger, hatred, in short: distraction.

    People are extremely complex, elemental creatures. Everything affects us in one way or another; power worst of all. Creating an enemy close to home to absorb people's need to hate, to criticize, to belittle and/or fear is a fairly simple tactic among the machinations of the rich, who are the powerful in this capitalism enslaved world.

    Anyone who thinks this kind of crap isn't possible, much less probable, don't understand humanity. There's a reason why every lawyer and politician lose their humanity on their way to becoming the slimes we know and loathe. Power corrupts, and the system has been around long enough to have laid the way for the corrupt to hold all the cards, and for the humane to either play or be left by the wayside.

  • No. Them B#$*)$ Crazy.

    Are all cults false-flag operations? Didn't think so. People are nuts. I have no doubt in my mind that these deluded crack pots really believe in what they are spreading. I would love to picket their meals with signs that say "Society hates you, God is Dead." =) And then bring in Dawkins and see what he has to say.

  • Before I saw them in person, I had my doubts that they were legitimate...

    But after seeing them, hearing Shirley Phelps's blood-curdlingly shrill voice shout that "God hates f***!" and seeing the signs, their kids and hearing them rant... I'm convinced that they're sincere. Seeing them had a profound impact on me, to say the very least. They are a disgrace to Christianity, but they believe what they say.

    Posted by: YYW

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