Do you think that the whole world should speak one language?

  • Objectives over Entretainment

    The only repeatitive argument to not try this goal is that some people will get bored. Actually, nobody is suggesting to kill every other language. The idea is to universalize one language aside from their native language to grant world understanding which is actually happening thanks to internet.

    I trust that people that is so proud of their culture will keep it for their own. People who wont, obviously were not so proud as they say.

  • We should have one language that everyone speaks

    Socialization and productivity would be much better in a world with one language. Especially considering the fact that nowadays you can fly anywhere in the world within a day, and contact people of every country though the Internet. I know some people think language is linked to your ethnicity but it's not that big a deal since what really contains your ethnicity is your blood, genetics and heritage not your language.

  • Diversity is good.

    I’m so glad that the world doesn’t all speak the same
    language. Where’s the fun in that. Learning a new language or a new culture is
    like an adventure. People’s identity is
    closely linked to the language that they speak.
    If you take that away from them, then you take away a part of who they

  • It would be ideal, if implausible

    The world would function a lot better if everyone spoke the same language. What we'd sacrifice in diversity we would make up for in understanding, peace, easy commerce, and expanded channels for sharing knowledge. Everyone could travel wherever they wanted in the world without fear of being misunderstood, and nations might be able to more expediently sort through their differences.

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  • Oh hell na

    Hell na it would be boring and everyone would be the same. There would be no more diversity and although it might make somethings better it will make a lot of things worse. And just the process of choosing one language would create a lot of arguments and disagreements in the world

  • Cultures would be lost

    I think the world would be a worse and boring if everyone spoke the same language. The reason I say so is because if everyone spoke the same language then cultures will be lost, there will be no cultural diversity which mean not just the languages will be the same but with time everyone will. You will not be able to connect to you history or heritage. The language your ancestors once spoke will be lost forever thereby cutting you off from one of the things that shape your identity and also from your past. Same language isn't good also because there will be lose of religious diversity, and multicultural foods and music. I am not saying it all bad because it can be positive in the sense of less conflict between people, easier communication and more equal treatment. I just think that the cultural diversity in the world is better than everyone being the same.

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