Do you think that the works of Carlos Latuff cause real political change?

  • Who is Carlos Latuff?

    If you know the answer to that question, then you know he has impact. Simply his name causes controversy. There is an awkward honesty in much of his comics though. It is the kind of thing that those he depicts do not want you to know about. His comics engage everyone from mexico to the US to Syrians, to the Vietnamese. Often enough he finds support for his satire. He is no different than Jon Stewart. He just uses a different medium. Okay, perhaps he is a bit more extreme, but effective nonetheless.

  • Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

    The pen is mightier than the sword, and as a political cartoonist Carlos Latuff can cause real political change in his native country of Brazil. That's the point of political cartoons--to make people think about the world around them. Although Latuff's views may not be mainstream, he does make several valid points regarding world affairs and modern politics. His points of view may be controversial, but Latuff has a right to voice his own opinion as much as anyone else.

  • The works of Carlos Latuff did cause real political change.

    The works of Carlos Latuff did cause real political change. Cartoons can be serious since almost everyone looks at them and they are popular around the office. I think that his work did affect the politics because it was the people that elected the politicians to office that was reading them.

  • Just a cartoon

    The works of this cartoonist are made only to provide entertainment to the public, and will not cause a real change in the opinions of people. These cartoons were funny, and people did look at them a lot, but they did not swing peoples decisions on important topics in politics.

  • He was an extremist.

    No, I do not think that the worlds of Carlos Latuff cause real political change, because his work only reflects people who are already thinking the same things. Latuff's satire only reflects opinions that he already has. Cartoons hardly ever generate widespread support such that they cause real political change.

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