• Can't rule out that possibility

    This disease is carried by mosquitos, and even just recently as I type this a Virginia college student has been reported to have the Zika virus. So already this will have some kind of affect on Americans and I doubt that will be the only reported case, while it is rare to contract this virus mosquitos are well known carriers of disease and it's very easy to be caught off guard because of how long it could take someone to notice they're being attacked by a mosquito.

  • The Zika virus will affect Americans on a small scale.

    The Zika virus will affect Americans, but only on a small scale. This virus is only transmitted though blood, from what I understand, which limits the threat to the American people. Although I am unsure of the lasting effects within the human body, or how long the virus lives inside its host, it seems to have minimal threat of hospitalization or death.

  • Potential Zika virus Pandemic

    I personally feel that the Zika virus will affect Americans. It is only a matter of time, before an individual, especially and American, become infected with the virus. There are already reported cases in several United States Territories, in which several Americans reside. These individuals could return to their prospective states, and potentially become a high risk for the virus.

  • Some, but not All

    The healthcare in the US is great, and that's the reason diseases like this don't originate in places like America and Western Europe. But that didn't stop Ebola affecting people in Europe and the States, so it's likely that it will reach America somewhere down the line - but I expect the situation to be relatively under control if it does.

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