Do you think that there could be life on other planets but there is no point in trying to make contact?

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  • There is a point!

    I think there is a point to try to make contact, even if we aren't successful. If we never try, we'll never know, right? There could definitely be life on other planets and it's exciting to think about what contact would be like. Would they be similar to humans or so different we couldn't communicate at all?

  • I disagree and think that we should be proacively working to communicate with other life if it exists

    If there is life besides that on Earth I think that we should reach out and try to communicate, who knows what secrets and wonders a whole different society would be able to reveal to us to better further our progress as a planet. I also think that other life would be trying to contact us so it is a matter of proximity and not if it exists.

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