Do you think that there could be life on other planets but there is no way we can ever make contact?

  • Yes, universe is infinite

    The fact that there is life on earth is just coincidental. The fact that it can happen makes me think that yes, there is most likely some kind of life out there. When conditions for life just happen to be ideal, it is probably an extremely rare even. The fact that it can happen, makes me think that yes, other life exists but there's no way we would ever discover it.

  • We'll make contact some day.

    I think it's very egotistical of humans to think that we're the only intelligent life in the universe. The mathematical odds that there is sentient life on other worlds is overwhelmingly positive. However, it's likely that there are very few planets where life such as that on earth could exist, so finding it and communicating with it will be very difficult, indeed. But I think that if they have the same knack for ingenuity that we do, we'll eventually find and speak with each other.

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