Do you think that there is a big difference between cyber-bullying and bullying in general?

Asked by: mysterious_chick
  • Yeah, a screen can't beat the hell from you.

    If I were faced with a big geezer who was going to beat me like a rug, or a nice looking LG monitor, that I could easily turn off, I would choose the LG monitor. You only have to get the crap beat from you once to know that fact.

  • Behind The Sc(reen)s

    It's arguably easier to sit behind a barrier which comes in form of the internet while making derogatory remarks about someone.


    Well firstly, we won't have to stick around and see what effects our actions have on that person first hand. So, the significance or potential impact if you will, of it is lost, failing to help the would-be bully see reason.

    The worst part is, due to security lapses...Or fraping(gaining temporary access to someones facebook account through means other than hacking) gone wrong as it has been popularized as .. Many teens have felt their rights violated.

    Anonymity is another hindrance when it comes to tackling this vile immoral act, ask fm is just the archetype and I'm sure you have heard of many other iterations.

    We must put a stop to this. If not now,in the 21'st century, then when?

  • Yes it is

    Cyber bullying is easier to do than bullying. Also cyber bullying can't be physical. Anyone can cyber bully but only the toughest can bully.

    Cyber bully's can also find techniques of being completely anonymous such as hiding IP address or personal details. It is easier for cyber bullies to get away with it if they are careful with their information.

  • Uhm, yes i do

    I think that bullying doesnt happen that often cuz of technology, we all assume that because we have the freedom of speech we can say whatever to whoever whenever we want, we do that because tbh lets face it, words hurt more than actions. The only reason cyberbullying still exists is because we have so much time to use and blame technology for being the reason cyberbulling is caused that we forget how the other person feels on the other end of the wire.

  • It's easier for both sides

    From the bully's perspective he's not risking (at least not immediately) physical retaliation from the victim. However, from the victim's perspective the bully can't do anything physical and the victim can leave the website or even turn off the computer. The victim can choose that they don't care about words. Choosing you don't care when someone physically beats you up doesn't change the injuries.

  • No real difference.

    Bullying is bullying at the end of the day. Having been both at reviving end and giving end at times they are not much different. Each is a process of trying to make another party back down from something that you don't like about them: from behaviors they exhibit to thing about their person. Both are still wrong, and both should be treated by punishment.
    However, I think that it is very much ingrained into us. Bullying for humans is very similar to animals showing of their dominance to rivals. It's a hard thing to stop.

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