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  • Is this a real problem?

    All medical studies have to be submitted to the supranational, national and local ethic committees. I one objects, the study cannot be carried out in the other places. I recently planned a multi center study to be carried out in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The protocol had to be submitted to the EMEA (the European Medical Evaluation Agency) in London, to the British Medical Authority MHRA and to the local hospital's two ethic committees (one for the physicians, one for the nurses). In France it had to be submitted to the French ANSM and to the local hospital, in Germany to the national authority BfArM, each country's and the local hospital's ethic committees. Altogether 14 external ethic committees reviewed the study protocol. For starting the study, all have to agree. One objection which cannot be repaired and the study is "dead". The Supranational/National/Local ethic committee system is the same everywhere. I do not object it and don't have any problems with it, It is good that those things are reviewed by many people. That all does not say that companies must be supervised for working unethically. It is a matter of ethics and safety. 50 eyes simply can see more than 2. Therefore it is not the question if they SHOULD BE, they ARE.

  • Yes, ethics are important in medicine.

    Medicines are easy to mess up and often have possibly deadly side effects, so it is important for there to be ethics committees double checking the end product. It is also important for these committees to check the drug testing process to make sure that the procedures are as ethical as possible, especially when it comes to necessary animal and human testing.

  • Yes, there should be external ethics committees to regulate.

    I think that there should be external ethics committees to regulate drug companies. While I do not think that drug companies should be regulated in terms of how much they can profit from drugs and treatments, there should be an entity that makes sure that they are not breaking the law.

  • Sounds Like Wasted Money

    I do not think there should be an external ethics committee that regulates drug companies. That sounds like a lot of wasted money in my opinion. Price caps should be introduced to stop companies from over charging for their product. Ethics are subjective at times and there's no guarantee that a committee will be any more ethical than those working in pharmaceuticals.

  • They can do it.

    No, I do not think that there should be external ethics committees to regulate drug companies, because the only effect of that would be would be to prevent drugs from getting to people who need them. The ethics groups would have no incentive to want to get needed drugs to market.

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