• Yes there should be a Pope.

    The Pope extends back to the original Church set up by Christ, its through Peter that Jesus set up his new Church. Though some may argue that the Catholic Church has gone through Apostasy, the fact is the position should be continued in order to preserve Christian tradition. This is one testament to the world that yes, Yeshua (Jesus) existed, and yes the Church of Christ is still here, and WE ALL are here to stay.

  • Of course there should be a Pope.

    Christ named the first Pope when he said to Peter, "Upon this rock I will build my church." The Church needs to follow the traditions set forth by our Lord. The Pope is extremely important to Catholics, to our traditions, and to the world in general. Pope Francis will be a beacon for the poor and down trodden, and has a pulpit that garners the attention of the whole world. If you love The Church or hate it, you still tune in when it's in the news. The Holy Father has a relevant, important message to share, and the world is waiting, breath held.

  • Yes, religions need the freedom to chose whom they see fit to lead.

    The Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church. He was chosen by the College of Cardinals over a period of time. This is a choice that the people of this religion made and we should not superimpose our beliefs into whom they see fit to lead. This is a fundamental right that they enjoy, and that people should respect.

  • Disband the church and pay compensation.

    I think the Catholic Church should sell off all their riches, and first pay them to the victims of sexual assaults, and then to the poor and needy all over the world. They should sell all their artwork and artifacts. They should keep the Vatican and allow nuns to move in and also the poor and infirm.

  • He doesn't really matter

    If there was no longer a Pope, would it really make a difference? The world would still turn, religion would still carry on. Would Catholicism really be lost. I don't think so. If you think about it, what does the pope really do? Really? He's done the same thing that many others have done, 'have God speak through him' but wouldn't it just be the same as the other Popes? So why do we need one?

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