Do you think that these wall street bankers who choose not to use e-mails have something to hide?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Corporations are exempt from fraud and all scamming illegal activities, but individuals can't even have a glass of wine at a restaurant and try to drive home without being labelled as a 'violent criminal'. Where are the regulators? Is is because the regulators are a bunch of ex-Goldman guys who don't want to chase down their friends and they're all members of the same country club?

  • Perhaps, but maybe not

    It's sure may seem to some people that this might be the case. Who doesn't use email? It is so much easier and more convenient than other forms of communication. However, sometimes it just isn't safe. There are so many hacker groups out there anymore, that you just never know when someone might get hold of confidential information that could cause a lot of harm. Maybe they are just playing it safe.

  • Yes, they do.

    I believe these wall street bankers have something to hide. This is because they choose not to use their email addresses. If anything they should be asked to use them simply because other people use their emails. Those who use their emails have nothing to hide and don't even care.

  • All Bankers have something to hide.

    It seems that every few months a story comes out about a large bank or corporation basically screwing over their customers and the CEO and other top employees in the company end up reaping all of the rewards. Those rewards are usually a big fat paycheck for all of them at the expense of the people who trusted them to keep their money safe.

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