Do you think that those who act on genetic sexual attraction should be free from legal prosecution?

  • People should not be prosecuted

    If you find an adult member your family sexually attractive there is nothing wrong with that its natural. Consensual sex with a relative is healthy and should be legalized. People who do this should practice safe sex. As long as you both over the age of consent then I don't see a problem with it.

  • Yes: People With GSA Should be Free From Legal Prosecution

    This freedom from prosecution should be consistent with the notion that the individuals involved met as adults and engaged in a consensual romantic relationship without knowing of their genetic heritage. Under such circumstances, no harm is being done, and therefore no punishment is needed. Care should be taken in terms of the way offspring from such relationships are allowed, if it is determined that there is a likelihood of genetic defects due to inbreeding.

  • Yes, they should be safe.

    As long as the sexual act is consensual between two legal adults or those over the age of consent, then the partners should be free from any legal prosecution. Legal action is meant to protect people from being wronged, but in the case of consensual, adult sexual relations there is no one who is wronged, so there should be no prosecution.

  • What is that

    There is really no reason to have a discussion about genetic sexual attraction because sexual attraction is, ultimately, more about social and developmental conventions than a hardwired one. While certain characteristics make people inherently more attractive on average, using these as a justification for anything ignores all that is known about attraction.

  • No, sexual predators should not be immune to the law.

    I do not think that those who act on genetic sexual attraction should be free from legal prosecution. To suggest otherwise is to think that it is okay for somebody to have sex with small children just because it is in their genes to do so. I think that such an act is a crime and wrong.

  • No, there are laws against certain sexual practices.

    No, simply being attracted to someone is not a good excuse for certain sexual behaviors. Things like rape and sexual assault exist because people feel a physical need for intercourse with another person against his or her will. This cannot be excused as a genetic attraction is a serious punishable offense. Excusing inappropriate behavior as genetic is unacceptable.

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