Do you think that transformative liberation experiences are a matter of personal conceit?

  • People love themselves

    People really love themselves, something that has been known for the entirety of human history and is pretty obvious. Any of these new types of therapies and philosophies are essentially just rehashing older thoughts on how people are the center of their own universe, something that is similar to atrology.

  • People like fantasy.

    Yes, I think that transformative liberation experiences are a matter of personal conceit, because people are still the same people they were before their transformation. Symbolism can help a person move beyond a personal difficulty, but many people do these transformative experiences for attention, or simply to appear like they are making changes.

  • Yes, to an extent.

    Using places in the middle east as an example, some people can become very conceited from the desire to transform a country to make it "Free", Where liberation is all a matter of who is actually being liberated, and to whom feels that this was necessary. This can hurt the other people quite a lot making the people conceited.

  • Liberation is not always good.

    Transformative liberation experiences are indeed a matter of personal conceit. People who are absorbed by these experiences often do not have families or spouses in their lives. They are self-absorbed people who have the time and the free will to experience these changes in their lives. People who are otherwise attached could destroy the people closest to them in their lives by having one of these experiences.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe that transformative liberation experiences are a matter of persona conceit. The words transformation and liberation when used together would demonstrate a loss of worldly possessions or maybe even a loss of ego or a sense of self, therefore it is impossible to assume such an experience would be a matter of personal conceit.

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