Do you think that Trump can catch up to Hillary in Electoral Votes?

Asked by: HGA
  • A "Yuge" Comeback Awaits.

    He has regained a nice lead in Arizona (11 EV), and has a firm grip on Iowa (6 EV) and Ohio (18 EV). He has grasped a slim lead in Florida (29 EV), North Carolina (15 EV) and the 2nd District of Maine (1 EV). Nevada (6 EV) could go either way at this point, it's in such a dead heat. And then there's New Hampshire, the Granite State (4 EV), which according to the last two polls he has overtaken her there. If he wins all of these states I mentioned, plus all that Romney won (they're all pretty much out of reach for Clinton), he will have exactly 270 electoral votes.

  • He lost long ago

    He may still have lots of popularity in the Southern states, but when it comes down to it, he's lost many of the important states like CA, NY, and most of the Eastern states. As well as having states such as OH and FL leaning towards Hillary. His chances of winning are dwindling quickly.

  • I think it may be close...

    Trump has some glimpses of victory over Hillary if he plays his cards correctly, but I don't think he'll be able to win some states over that he requires for 270 electoral votes in time. Election day is this Tuesday, but is that enough time for Trump to change the minds of some states?

    Posted by: HGA

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