Do you think that Trump will take the US out of the paris Climate Pact?

  • He doesn't believe in global warming, most likely yes.

    Despite all the evidence, he believes global warming is a "Chinese hoax" meant to hurt US manufacturing and he's a supporter of big businesses as well, he's going to at least try his best to reverse all of the pollution control measures put in place by Obama including the pact. This could be horrible for our planet's climate future, and I'll miss making snowmen lol.

  • I think Trump will take the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Pact.

    Donald Trump made his stance on global warming clear during his campaign for president. While he has back peddled on several controversial issues he seems to be determined to withdraw from any agreements concerning global warming or climate change. This will be a drastic step backwards in the efforts to help the environment.

  • He knows it's not good politics.

    It is never good politics for the United States to hand over its authority to a body of international law. The United States needs to look out for its own interests, especially when working with socialist countries. There is a good chance that the Climate Pact will hurt the economy, and Trump is smart enough to know that.

  • No, Trump will not break Paris Climate Pact

    No, Trump will not break Climate Pact. Since he is very unpredictable I believe he will surprise us all and he will start embracing some of Hillary's ideas, including her ecology orientation. Trump will realize the serious consequences if the USA continues to pollute unchecked. He may be a Buffon, but he is not an idiot.

  • Trump is all talk

    Trump cannot get us into or out of international treaties by himself, as much as he would like to. The rest of the government exists to ensure the power of the president has limits. The real concern should be that Trump surrounds himself with an entire administration that wants to take the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Pact, because at that point they might be able to actually get the ball moving.

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