Do you think that Trump would be evaluated by a forensic psychologist?

Asked by: dinachen
  • It's obvious that Trump has some kind of mental illness

    I mean they're probably going to have to drag him out of the white house, And he's probably going to overreact. I mean I feel that he would definitely require a psychological evaluation.
    It's not normal for a US president to refuse to step down and even stage a Coup, No matter how incompetent the presidents in the past are at least they stepped down when they lost.
    I mean if he's going to jail or court for the coup or other things he did, He's eventually going to meet with a forensic psychologist since it's obvious that alot of the stuff he did is due to his mental health status.

  • He's crazy, But there's a lot of crazies.

    Yes, Trump is crazy. But you have to keep in mind that there's A LOT of crazy people in the world. By just taking a brief glance at him, I think Trump is a narcissist. This probably stems from an inferiority complex, Probably something that's developed since his childhood (possibly due to him being the younger brother) and has been further developed through his long-time failures (such as multiple bankruptcies and other smacks to the face). I say that I'd like to get a forensic psychologist on the guy, But he doesn't have anything different from millions of others with the same condition, Which makes it unlikely that he'll be tested by a forensic psychologist.

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