• UFO is real

    Though we cannot believe in photos
    researcher found an UFO(unidentified flying object) so what ever it is we call it aliens
    but im not saying aliens are real because theres no proof so what ever it is its unidentified hahahaha. Think bitches dont just keep giving opinions or what so ever byebye..

  • They live among us

    Seeing an object that you can't explain is an obvious sign that it is another intelligent being who loves among us, upon your hearts and eyes to the stars for we are not alone. The aliens are among us. I know because I got abducted and probed. I bare their alien child. I love them.

  • Campfire stories do not count as "solid evidence".

    We all like a scary story, And the supernatural seems to hit the right spot when a spooky story is called for. The popularity of stories about boogie men from space come to spy on us or interfere with us are certainly solid evidence of some primal psychological need, But they say nothing about the likelihood of anyone crossing hundreds of trillions of miles of hard cold irradiated vacuum just to visit a bunch of pudgy little primates.

  • Bro no way

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  • No, stories are insufficient evidence that aliens are among us

    UFO stories are not evidence that aliens are among us. Many stories exist about other suspected beings, such as yetis, sasquatch, chupacabra, and the Loch Ness monster. However, there has never been confirmed documentation of any of these things, and aliens are in the same category. In the 21st century, with cameras and modern technology, we are still unable to capture any plausible evidence of aliens among us. Stories alone are not compelling evidence when confronted with a lack of any real documentation.

  • They are wives tales.

    No, I do not think that UFO stories are solid evidence that aliens are among us, because there are all kinds of explanations for UFOs other than the fact that real aliens exist. No one has ever seen an alien. There is no evidence that aliens have landed on the moon or on any other planets.

  • No, these stories are unreliable

    UFO stories certainly present a form of evidence, but I wouldn't say that its "solid." In order for evidence to be solid, it must be very convincing, and be backed up by something much more concrete than the tales of individuals. These stories are unverifiable, and cannot be considered evidence.

  • A modern myth

    Stories about extraterrestrial visitors are just that, stories, a modern myth that we tell ourselves in the endless and unfortunately fruitless quest for understanding in our lives and our universe. There is, unfortunately for these poor souls, no substantial or concrete proof that there is alien life of this planet.

  • People's imaginations provide no real evidence.

    I believe the vast majority of people who have seen aliens may genuinely believe they have, but it is the product of either an overactive imagination, or possibly mental illness. I don't think their stories provide any more evidence of the existence of UFOs then people who claim to have seen fairies at the bottom of the garden prove fairies are real.

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