• Absolutely, yes, veterans earned and deserve every amount of respect and privaledge that this country offers, whether ignorant civilians like it or not!

    Liberals who whine that vets are no different than other people are just plain stupid and ignorant. Crybaby liberals who often are raise to hate the military are just upset that they can't land a decent job after their "liberal arts" college degree.

    Serving in the military requires much more intelligence, stamina, and critical thinking than your average "college educated liberal arts" major working at Starbucks.

    They often blame veterans for wars started by politicians when their only form of combat is on a laptop computer in the safety of their mommy and daddy's basement.

    US servicemen absolutely are entitled to all the respect and priviledges that America pays them and if any liberal, or anyone feel otherwise that's THEIR problem, and their own insecurities to deal with!

    Without US servicemen,(who volunteer to be in harm's way) we would be attacked by every other country, forcing EVERYONE (whether you like the military or not) to be forced into defending this country.

    Liberal idiotcy was defeated in the US presidential election and their outrage shows a lot about their lack of intelligence and maturity levels on every level.

  • You guys are childish and im only 16 X3 And yes

    For i want to say a few things, I think yes. For they fought for our freedom and knew what they could lose. They knew they where going to probably die and lose friends. Many died many seen things and done things they regret seeing or doing. Killing children because they had to so they could save many more. After all that they come back and get treated like crap. Being called killers murderer's and worst of all homeless and spat on. Its really sad that they go through all of that to make America happy then American's just treat them like total shit.

  • They sacrificed themselves.

    They are so kind and giving for giving up their lives for us. Without them none of us would be here.They are so kind and giving for giving up their lives for us. Without them none of us would be here.They are so kind and giving for giving up their lives for us. Without them none of us would be here.


    These veterans deserve a lot of respect because they leave their families and everything close to them to fight for their country, for the people, and only care to make life better for us. They are unselfish, and they are very risk taking and brave. I believe without them our life would definitely be different and hard.

  • Always! ! !

    Vets deserve respect because the make that sacrifice they have to leave family and friends behind all the time they do it because they know they make a difference and want to ensure the ones they love are safe if you ever think that they made a choice so its there fault then you are wrong they have to bear he unthinkable they have to do what they are told it sucks it really does I know I don't want to protect you because you disrespect it why don't you get of your happy little ass stop using well fair get a job or better yet JOIN THE MILITARY so you know what it is about I joined because I cant bear the thought of my people getting harmed I want to protect them at all costs yes it is a decision I made but understand what we have to give up to protect you don't be a sorry excuse for a citizen and hate try and embrace it I don't want to die I really don't but ill do it if it means my friends and family are safe warm and fed everyday AND WHAT NO PARTICULARLY BRIGHT PEOPLE REALLY that's how you feel hell no more then 98% of our military I smart individuals I was offered a scholarship to UNC because I know what im doing so get over your self your the one that doesn't know anything

  • Obviously they do

    They gave their life for us

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Yes, they do

    Vets have defended our country! If it wasnt because of them, America would be in war. Think about it, if it would be no vets America would not have any army. America would be more shit than it is now. America thinks they can change the world, they need to change their own country. They have protected our country, what have you done !? You have been making money to use on your self, they make it possible for you to make money and the only thing you give them is discrespect.

  • Of course they do

    Of course veterans deserve respect they put there life's at risk so that we could have freedom, and don't have to live in a war field. They deserve a lot more respect then most people give them. They are basically giving up there lives for us, and they sign up willingly

  • Veterans Deserve Everything

    Veterans deserve everything, including free health care and an awesome pension. Veterans willingly sign up for wars and put themselves in harm's way all in the name of freedom. Veterans deserve way more respect than we give them and the deplorable conditions of some veterans is beyond reprehensible. Veterans are the reason why we enjoy freedom today.

  • Yes, veterans deserve more kindness.

    Yes, I think veterans deserve more respect and kindness than they receive. Veterans are the core justice and order for the world. They are willing to put their life on the line for others and that is the most generous gift they could give. That in return should be thanked with respect. Veterans should be always be respected and never forgotten.

  • They are just people.

    No, I do not think that veterans deserve more respect and kindness than they receive, because they are already given far too much benefit of the doubt. Any problem that a veteran ever has was caused by his time in the service. The rest of us are just supposed to tolerate them being drunks just because they used to be in the army. Maybe they would have been drunks either way.

  • They could deserve it

    Theyll deserve more respect in my eyes once they actually start respecting all the people in society they look down on with contempt for not being in the military or america. I could throw a bunch of money into officers training and instantly gain 1/3 of the militarys respect without earning it. They might not like me but just because im military now they suddenly have to and they hold everyone else to that starndard which is complete bullshit. I own a gun to protect myself dont push some form of social debt on me because you signed you life away to be told by the government how to live and think thats why i pay taxes.

  • They made a choice.

    With no regard for the people who could be murdered at their hands, they made a career choice. At best this choice was made through ignorance and naivety, but even in such cases the choice still shows a callous and selfish disregard for the 'enemy', and has caused death and suffering. At best a soldier is dangerous and stupid.

  • Not todays Soldiers

    Why do you think people would want to terrorize our country? Because we've been bombing theirs for decades. When will we stop bombing them? When young men and women can't be convinced to invade other nations as though we will actually benefit from it. I'm sorry for how it may have effected them but if it were up to me they wouldn't have gone... I tire of the "I'm fighting for you" argument...

  • They are no different from others

    Aside from the fact that they think they are entitled to everything just because they signed up for army. Most wars they participate in are not legit, they are used as pawns by governments. Forget about "bringing democracy to other countries" thingy and start thinking. You are being used. So you either get smarter and quit (do something else) or you just deserve what you have and do not deserve to be treated differently - you just another loser...

  • Veterans have NO valid right to respect, nor a right to anyone's property because of their "service".

    Veterans CHOSE to put their lives at risk by enlisting in the armed forces. Even in the case of mandatory conscription (a feature of a dictatorship that has NO proper place in a free society), they CHOSE to comply with the mandate, enlist, and assume that risk, instead of evading the draft, as they would have a right to do, based upon their right to self-ownership and personal liberty; therefore, no one owes veterans money, or goods and services because they "fought in defense of our lives and our freedom". Unless you personally contracted with a soldier to defend YOUR life and freedom and those of your loved ones--and voluntarily paid for that protection entirely out of your own resources--that soldier did no such thing ! Veterans have no valid right to other people's property because of their "service" or their "needs" because people are not slaves to veterans, just as they are not slaves to government. Moreover, given that the US military has been used for decades to impose and murderously enforce a hegemonic foreign policy by placing "boots on the ground" in over 100 countries, military "service" is fraught with such moral hazards as should persuade anyone committed to peace and individual liberty and legitimate individual rights not to engage in it in any way. Let all of those in foreign lands fight on their own, and at their own expense and risk, to rid themselves of tyrants, and pursue whatever lifestyle and culture they choose, bearing the full consequences of those choices for good or ill on their own lives and property. If any American wants to "suit up" and "play cop and warrior" anyplace on this earth, let him/her do so entirely at his/her own risk and expense, and not be so arrogant upon his/her return home to demand respect and loot from anyone !

  • Certainly not; it's just another job and not a respectable one either.

    It's just another job and not a particularly good or moral one either. They get paid to go to another county, in today's case a country that likely poses no threat whatsoever to national security and kill a bunch of poorly equipped people and a lot of civilians through collateral damage at the whim of politicians with an underlying agenda. I also get the impression that a majority of these "vets" aren't particularly bright people with good prospects in life. Not everyone can get a top education and hold a good job. Almost anyone on the other hand can be either cannon fodder or shoot at people unquestionably because their superiors order them to. Of course situations such as WWII where people are conscripted and have a reason to go to war are different. Today's vets on the other hand; defending "freedom?" Oh please, spare me the mindless BS and treat everyone you come across with a bit of decency instead.

  • Not in my eyes

    Majority of the United States wars were unjust and fucking stupid except WW1 and WW2. As stated above they CHOSE military service so they knew what they signed on for. I'm not going to be an asshole to a vet but I'm not going to grovel at your feet. The war in the middle east was built upon a lie and now we have many more problems to deal with. It's been a huge waist of money and lives on both sides and hence the reason we have more people joining terrorist organizations. Simple as that really.

  • Ref ds op

    Hey what is this? We get a lot of damage yk i don't even know what is going on. I am writing this because the veterans kiled innocent people. Even though they were drafted they could have gone to jail instead of illing innocent people. Also america was the one who started these wars believe it or not. There is no proof that osama bin laden was the one who crashed into the twin towers. They only showed a picture of him and said it was him. There was nothing about him. There was no information? Was he even arrested or what? We don't even know anything about them, And everyone says he was the one who did it!

  • No, Because they are hypocrites!

    Combat veterans do not deserve more respect or better treatment. They are already treated with a divine reverence, Yet they transgress the very principles the purport to protect. How often are we told that veterans have fought for our freedom? Frequently. Many of the “valiant warrior class” are the first ones to make threats of physical violence if we “ disrespect” the flag. Often in reference of improper display in protest demonstrations. In Johnson v. Texas (1989) it was ruled that displays such as flag burning are protected under the First Amendment. Even conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had to acquiesce the fact that such demonstrations are within the parameters of the First Amendment. The next time a veteran threatens to inflict physical violence or reminds you have how they fought for your freedom to express anti-patriotic sentiments, Remember, They are hypocrites. Anyone who wants to claim they preserved my freedom but will assault me over exercising one of my Constitutional rights, Is no friend to liberty.

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