Do you think that we will find any intelligent creatures in our galaxy?

Asked by: TG2333
  • We can find it

    Our solar system is hardly 1% of the milky way. Out of the billions of trillions of stars, it's not possible that we are the only planet with life. We have more than a trillion chances that we are not the only living planet. Plus, scientists already found a life form on keptler a few stars away.

  • Intelligent Life Other Than Us Unlikely

    No, I do not think that we will find intelligent creatures or life in our galaxy as the Milky Way is simply too small for intelligent life to have developed more than once. The odds of finding intelligent life in a galaxy are astronomical, and the fact that we are already here makes it less likely that anyone else is.

  • The different temperature changes and atmospheres on different planets make it unlikely.

    For there to be actual life on different planets, the atmospheres must meet a certain standard for things to grow on. For example, Saturn, despite how vivid it looks, is made up of mostly toxic gases ranging in the 100s of degrees below zero. Not only is it too cold for anything to grow on that planet, The toxic gases and lack of solid ground prevent anything from growing on there.

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