Do you think that white people are the cause of racism and slavery?

Asked by: TrayPound
  • White people are the cause

    They are the cause, not because they started it, but because in the early days of America, white people had the most slaves, and had the most wide spread use for them. Now i am not condoning slavery, nor do i support it, but as a white male we have to take responsibility for what our early ancestors did.

  • Racism in the earlier days

    If you watch and 1960 or earlier recording of racism back then you will notice blacks are being sprayed by fire men (mostly white) and chased by dogs (let loose by mostly white men) and mostly becuase they simply did not want them to be in that area. Also, my grandfather, a very intelligent man actually, he always had a gpa at or above a 3.8 his whole school life and finally at the end of his school years he was ready and had everything he needed to go to college and be this surgeon he was so desperate to be. But he was sadly mistaken... They told him he would never make it as a surgeon or anything elese that was in that manor all becuase he was. Black. Dreams, crushed and shattered. He ended up having to join the Vietnam war. Also there was many flashing signs showing that they were way less of the white man first off they couldn't use the same bathroom/water fountain, they couldn't eat in the same area, they were treated so unfairly that they hardly felt human. Does no one remember Martin Luther king? He had to of done what he did for a reason! I don't know how everyone has forgot our past. But let's talk about present, to day I'm proud to say I'm a biracial child (my mom is black and my dad is white) but the past is the past so I think this debate is not necessary any way.

  • Starts in africa

    Simply putting it, slavery is a business transaction between whites and blacks, the blacks sold their own kind for labour. And like winno67843 said, not all white people were for it so it cant be put on us. Blame it on the ones who sold them instead, not the whites

  • White people aren't the cause

    The cause of slavery was need for people to do hard labor and another cause is stupid people thinking that because of your skin color you have to do work for me. Not all white people believed in slavery, So you cant blame white people for something that no t of them believe in.

  • What you talkin about, Willis?

    Racism has existed throughout all of human history. No race or ethnic group is exempt. Here's a little fact for you. 90% of violent crime committed against blacks is committed by other blacks. Granted, most of it is gang violence. I think the reason some believe whites are more responsible, is because of media bias. You never hear about black on white violence being racially motivated. Some will even try to convince you that the attacker is the victim. That they were provoked by whitey. Don't believe the hype.

  • The root of all evil

    Greed and Power caused slavery. Even today 2018 greed and power still has a right to enslave people.Its the same greedy lizards in suits taking advantage of people today.And for some reason people point there fingers in the wrong direction. I hope one day people would figure out who the true villains are and stop blaming it on colour. Take action make change and call them by name

  • Anyone who says that doesn't know history

    African tribes were always fighting each other. Members of the loosing tribe were taken as slaves by the winning tribe. These salves were sold to Europeans in exchange for weapons. With these guns the winning tribe would conquer more people and get more slaves to sell for more weapons. Arabs also took blacks as slaves. In America 5%?Of whites owned slaves. Many whites fought against slavery in the civil war and for civil rights in the 1960s. There's also lots of hate crimes done by minorities like the murderers of Kevin Shiflet and zemir begic done by black people.

  • Absolutely not! That's Racist!

    Racism appears everywhere man appears! The very notion that white people are more inclined towards racism or somehow started racism/slavery is racist! If white men were placed in Africa and black men in America, the same scenario would surely have played out. All men are endowed with the same rational thought and are just as likely to fall to the sins of slavery.

  • Not if you know basic history.

    Slavery towards black people was actually created by black people. Europeans found that Africans would conquer one another, and sell the captured as slaves... That wasn't a white-person-only issue. Every race and culture has racism and most had slavery long before the concept of race existed (racism towards a group for it's culture.)

  • There were slaves throughout hisroty

    White people didn't cause racism of slavery. There has been a history of slavery in every populated continent of the earth,taking many forms from exploiting those captured in war to proving entertainment for their captures. Slaves and slave owners come from every society
    Some examples include:

    South America: People such as the Aztecs had slaves

    CHINA-Tang dynasty, Chinese captured Korean civilians from Koguryo, Paekche, and Silla to sell as slaves
    JAPAN- evidence from 3rd century supports slavery
    KOREA- during the Joseon Dynasty, slaves accounted for around 30-40% of the population
    INDIA- an 8th century army reportedly inslaved tens of thousands of Indians

    In 22575 B.C - Egyptians sent out expeditions down the Nile River to capture slaves.
    Practice of keeping people as slaves in sub-Saharan Africa pre-dates the transatlantic slave trade. In ancient Kemet, for example, there are descriptions of European slaves being branded.

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