Do you think that with each passing generation racism and discrimination are slowly being phased out of society?

Asked by: SkaldorSkalfsson
  • Progress is being made.

    While racism and discrimination will never fully be removed from our social interactions, I do believe that with each passing decade young people feel less and less inclined to make decisions based off another persons skin tone or heritage.

    Hopefully within the near future events that are similar to those that have happened recently will not be focused on the physical traits of those involved and only their actions.

  • Absolutely. No doubt

    Our society is way more tolerant today than before and increasingly so. Race, Gender roles are way more equal today than 50 years ago. Gay marriage was not recognized basically at all ten years ago now most states support.

    But are people happier now with all their freedom and choice?

  • Morgan Goddamn Freeman

    In the words of the illustrious Morgan Freeman, “How are we going to get rid of racism? Stop talking about it!”. If you never tell a child about racism, the thought of it will never pop into their minds. How could they possibly be racist if they were never taught? Think about it ... Someone taught you about racism, so that's why we are debating it here. I realize that this is an impossible solution, but it does shed light on this question we are asking here

  • Reasonably We have

    We have done this within reason, there still is some racism left in the World and the U.S. but there always will be. Will we one day stomp out racism for good? No, probably not however it is a good goal for us to try to achieve, especially something we want our kids to this.

  • Education is, has been, and will be the key.

    Yes, like SkaldorSkalfsson says, it is slowly disappearing in a positive way. Education has defiantly helped this development.. In schools yes, where the message “slavery is wrong” gets strongly across and also online and in everyday life with daily updates on major sites, shares on Facebook and new videos on YouTube point out the stupidity in discriminative and racist actions.

  • Racism is an institutionalized learned behavior

    Race is a false social concept. However, as racism is a learned behavior used to breed fear, division and contention among the masses, it can and should not be expected to be phased out by a process of generational evolution. It is purposely taught by members of a prevalent culture to their children. It is also used by the wealthy class to maintain the class divisions and distract the public away from the inequitable distribution of resources. False "racial stereotypes" give the working class someone to blame for the monopolization and hoarding of resources practiced by the wealthy minority upon the majority who are economically deprived.

    Racism is also institutionalized and endorsed by society. It's elimination requires societal, governmental and institutional attention. This would have to be a simultaneous and continuous approach. Those discriminated against should also receive a public apology and be reimbursed for their pain and suffering.

  • Genes not society

    You cannot remove something that is genetically hard wired into humanity and it has been proven that the brain makes subconscious decisions based on race, Ferguson is evidence that no matter how much progress we make its only fake progress in the end, multiple races were never meant to get along and it shows, especially when you compare a mono racial country like japan or china to the main multiracial countries.

  • No. I think this perspective is inaccurate.

    Racism doesn't disappear with the death of a generation. Instead, racism has an opportunity to flourish in every new generation born, but it's restrained by those vital historical lessons every generation is taught. Because we have so much history behind us, we're much more educated about the harms of racism and bigotry. However, the challenge is that we have to teach each new generation that it's wrong, otherwise it can spread and be excused. I do some of this happening with today's generation, including on this website, which I can point to as an example.

  • No its not

    It just gets covered up better until something uncovers it
    people thought we were a great country that was not racist at all
    then Obama got voted in...
    Think about it ...
    Keep thinking...
    And thinking...
    We are a world of hatters that are over exposed to the problems such as the racism and learned to many misconceptions
    i love fried chicken too but im white... Cant we all love chicken

  • This is an uncomfortable answer

    Unfortunately and uncomfortably I have to say that I believe that the answer is no. As a hopeful History and Economic Undergraduate (Major if American) I can explain the argument from two key ways.

    History suggests that if we find ourselves with a racist person gaining prominence in the public eye and we begin to see their views chances are believers of those same views gain popularity and a following. Sadly we also have ingrained in culture misconceptions that probably ought to leave us. For example; on the balance of probability Jesus Christ was middle eastern and his skin tone would be reflected as such. However as a child (all of 8 years ago!) my first bible depicted Caucasian characters throughout. Even now if you find a black character as the main in a fiction book the author is probably black. It's not inherent racism but it can certainly help breed it and these are unconscious efforts now so ingrained in my culture (having been really quite unable to travel I can't vouch for others)

    I am English and I am embarrassed when I describe myself as a Tory because of the fact I am immediately lumped with supporters of the BNP, UKIP, EDL and Britain First in a little corner called 'Right wing British Politics'. I'm aware that certain parties (America's KKK, Greece's Golden Sun, Any Neo-Nazi's anywhere) are more racist but these are fairly prominent parties. The thing is, when there is an economic dispute people always find someone to blame and this so often is a different race or socio-economic class. But as I understand we have places where race and class are near synonymous making their persecution even more likely.

    To use a current example; Nigel Farage (Yes the most comedic politician since Boris Johnson) recently blamed congestions on our motorways on immigrants. It was intended as a one liner against a journalist but this still helps breeds resentment.

    Sorry if the argument seems jumbled, I'm only 15!

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-26T13:30:36.080
We all hope not !!!!
Discrimination is the ability to perceive differences between things.
Nobody in their right mind would want people to lose their ability to discriminate.
Nobody in their right mind would insist that people, for example, are "equal" , that
"racial equality" or "sexual equality" or "Intelligence equality" or whatever, exists.
Nobody in their right mind would insist that Black= White, Female= Male,
the Disabled= the Able, Imbeciles= Geniuses, Old people= Young people, etc.

"Racism" doesn't exist.
Blacks, on average, score about 16 points lower on IQ tests than Whites.
Study "The Bell Curve" , Herrnstein & Murray, Psychology Professor
Richard Lynn of the University of Ulster, his book "The Global Bell Curve" ,etc.
Check out IMAGES.
The fact that Blacks are substantially less intelligent than, & genetically Inferior to,
Whites has been scientifically verified.
Blacks aren't another race of humans- they're the so-called Missing Link in
Evolution- the Ape-people.
Blacks cannot be allowed to vote in White elections- especially on a 1:1 basis.
Barack Obama, & many others, never actually got elected to office.
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