Do you think that women should have had the right to charge her husband with impotence?

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  • No they should not

    If a husband is impotent and the wife no longer wishes to stay with him, they should very well seek divorce. The wife can seek divorce and remarry if needed. She doesnt need to charge her husband with Impotence.Otherwise, It will cause unnecessary shame for the husband in the society

  • For better, or for worse. Women do not have a right to charge their husband with impotence.

    When two people marry they enter into a contractual agreement to support one another for better or for worse. Nowhere in their agreement does it state that satisfactory sexual performance and ability to procreate is a condition of the marriage. A man's impotence may impede his ability to satisfy his wife and provide genetic children, but it does not break the marriage contract.

  • Sets an awful precedent

    It would be ridiculous to be able to charge a husband with impotence. It would be grounds for divorce, I guess, but there's no great reason needed for divorce in the first place. Being able to sue someone for a deficiency that isn't illegal would undermine the entire legal process. What's next, suing for being a bad listener?

  • That would be incredibly insensitive

    Why on earth would someone want to give their husband a complex, especially if he is already struggling with this issue. There could be an underlying medical condition causing impotence, such as, high blood pressure. It's something he can't control. It would be insensitive and unfair to treat someone you love or once loved like that.

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