Do you think the 200 sailors who are suing the Royal Australian Navy have a legitimate case against the Navy?

  • The Navy should be held accountable for its claims

    The Royal Australian Navy took advantage of vulnerable individuals who were struggling to get by, struggling to find jobs. They made promises that they ultimately weren't able to keep, and for that, they should be held accountable. The individuals who were "tricked" into joining certainly should have had a bit better judgment, but I do think that they have a case.

  • Mislead is unfair

    The 200 sailors that enlisted with the Royal Australian Navy have a legitimate case against the Navy because they were told they would receive a certification, and that promise was not followed through. They completed their daily duties, only to find out that they were not receiving any engineer training in return, as promised. They were also told to sign up again or they would NOT be given the final certification. They absolutely have a case.

  • No one's tricked into joining the Navy

    The sailors that are suing the Navy just want a deep pocket to give them money. No one is tricked into serving their country. These people should be grateful that their country gave them a job with pay. If they didn't understand the terms of their service they should have asked more questions.

  • No scenic cruise

    What did these people think they were signing up for? A three hour tour? We're talking about grown people who joined the military of their own accord. I don't know what they were expecting to find, but a reasonable person should be savvy enough to spot a sales pitch. Military recruiters are salesmen, and I am fairly certain that military service is rarely exactly as it presented on the front end.

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